Our Recent Survey Identifies Post-Roe Needs in Alabama

With the overturn of Roe v. Wade, followed by Alabama’s abortion ban going into effect, discussions quickly began between organizations and leaders all over the state regarding how we can increase support for Alabama mothers and fathers in unexpected pregnancies. Conversations focused especially on our pregnancy resource centers. These centers are the places mothers and … Read more

Featured Article: A Priest in the Legislature?

Canon Mark Pearson, also known as Representative Mark Pearson in the New Hampshire Legislature, discusses the impact of Christians in government, pro-life politics, and how to get more involved. “What are you doing serving in the Legislature?” she asked me. “Don’t you know that politics is dirty?” When I was first asked that, I thought I … Read more

St. Stephen CEC Joins Record Breaking March for Life UK

Earlier this month, Fr. Dana Jackson and his wife, along with Dcn. Joshua Bautista and parishioner Lloyd Cornell, attended the March for Life UK. According to the main organizers, it was a record year. Police estimated around 7,000 attendees — a huge jump from the 4,500 present last year. Many seemed to be attending for … Read more

Press Release: Birmingham Leaders Say They are ‘More Than Ready’ for a Post-Roe Alabama

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., June 24, 2022 / Christian Newswire / — Many pro-life leaders within the Birmingham community are celebrating this morning after the Supreme Court’s monumental decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.  For decades, Roe has been used to halt legitimate, life-affirming laws passed by state legislatures and voting citizens. Alabama, especially, has felt this … Read more

Official Statement: Roe is Overturned, and We are READY

In response to the monumental decision handed down by the Supreme Court of the United States this morning, overturning Roe v. Wade after forty-nine years, Fr. Terry Gensemer of CEC For Life offers this statement: We are overwhelmingly moved by this historic moment, a decisive turning of the tide in this decades long fight to … Read more

Texas, Roe and the Dark Cloud Over America

by Sarah Neely Tuesday evening, my husband asked, “Did you see what happened in Texas?” I was buried deep in writing an article all day and had not looked at any current news.  “No, what happened?”  “Mass shooter at an elementary school in Texas,” he said. “How many people died?” I asked in alarm. “I … Read more

Florida Shutters Dangerous Clinic, When Will Alabama Do the Same?

Last Friday, Florida officials issued an emergency order and immediately suspended the license for American Family Planning, an abortion clinic in Pensacola. The order came after a survey done earlier in the week which revealed at least two women who recently suffered botched abortions and required emergency care and hospitalization.  According to the report, one … Read more

Official Statement Regarding the Leaked Draft from SCOTUS

No matter the encouragement we might feel at the possibility of the Supreme Court finally overturning Roe and Casey — handing abortion back to the states and opening the door for thousands upon thousands of preborn children to be protected — CEC For Life recognizes a leaked draft is not a final decision. Now is … Read more

April is Abortion Recovery Awareness Month

Did you know April is #AbortionRecoveryAwareness Month? By the age of 45, nearly one in four women in America will have an abortion. Worldwide, there are 125,000 abortions per day. With these statistics, it is very likely you know at least one person affected by abortion, if not multiple people. You may even be the … Read more

PRESS RELEASE: Patient Info and Medical Waste from Tuscaloosa Abortion Clinic Ends Up in Birmingham, Coalition Calls on State Officials to Investigate HIPAA Violations

West Alabama’s Women’s Center in Tuscaloosa seems dedicated to endangering patients.  Last week, a coalition of national pro-life organizations, including CEC For Life, Life Legal Defense Foundation and Operation Rescue, sent newfound evidence of shocking HIPAA and medical waste violations to state officials: Lt. Governor Ainsworth, Attorney General Marshall and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management … Read more