The Alabama Department of Public Health Continues to License Abortion Clinics and Look the Other Way When They Break the Law  

Nearly one year ago, Fr. Terry Gensemer arrived home to find large trash bags left anonymously at his residence in Birmingham, Alabama. Upon inspection, he and his wife were shocked to find the bags were full of medical waste and private patient information from the abortion clinic West Alabama Women’s Center in nearby Tuscaloosa.  CEC … Read more

Planned Parenthood Chapel Hill Continues to Injure Women and Downplay Life-Threatening Emergencies 

Another woman required emergency transport due to hemorrhaging at a Planned Parenthood located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Sidewalk advocates contacted Operation Rescue and CEC For Life after witnessing an ambulance leaving the facility on Saturday, January 28, with no lights or sirens.  A public records request for the 911 call revealed the patient was … Read more

Special Report: Former CEC For Life Intern Recaps Florida March for Life, Thousands in Attendance

by Christian McGrew On Saturday, January 14th, thousands of pro-lifers gathered in Saint Augustine, Florida for the Florida March For Life. Despite having a majority of conservative leadership in government, Florida remains the most abortion accessible state in the southeast. Florida allows abortions up to 15 weeks, and has not followed the pro-life game plan … Read more

Over 200 Alabama Citizens Gathered to Give Thanks and Get Ready for More Pro-life Work Across the State

Last Saturday, over 200 Alabama citizens gathered in front of Planned Parenthood Birmingham for the 2023 Birmingham March for Life Prayer Vigil. For the last three years, this prayer event has been offered in lieu of the typical march and it continues to receive a great response from the pro-life community.  CEC For Life was … Read more

PRESS RELEASE: Tomorrow @ 10:45 AM Birmingham Citizens Gather to Celebrate, Pray, and Plan for More

Tomorrow, January 14, at 10:45 AM, leaders and citizens from across the city will gather to celebrate recent victories while also preparing for new pro-life efforts at the annual Prayer Vigil & Witness for Life in front of Planned Parenthood, located at 1019 1st Ave N. Last summer, Alabama’s pro-life community saw a huge victory … Read more

Feast of Our Lord and Giver of Life 2023: A Letter from Patriarch Craig Bates

Dear brothers and sisters, On June 24, 2022, the political landscape radically changed regarding the legalization of abortion in the United States. When the Supreme Court ruled on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, legalization of abortion was sent back to the States. This, however, was not a “victory” for the Pro-Life Movement, but the proponents … Read more

Special Report: Young Girl Accompanied by High School Teacher at Raleigh Abortion Clinic

CEC for Life and Operation Rescue have been working together to uncover the details of a recent emergency at an abortion facility in Raleigh, North Carolina involving a young Hispanic girl and an ESL teacher. On the morning of Saturday, December 3, a sidewalk advocate in Raleigh, North Carolina, watched a fire truck pull up … Read more

Our Recent Survey Identifies Post-Roe Needs in Alabama

With the overturn of Roe v. Wade, followed by Alabama’s abortion ban going into effect, discussions quickly began between organizations and leaders all over the state regarding how we can increase support for Alabama mothers and fathers in unexpected pregnancies. Conversations focused especially on our pregnancy resource centers. These centers are the places mothers and … Read more

FEATURE: A Priest in the Legislature?

Canon Mark Pearson, also known as Representative Mark Pearson in the New Hampshire Legislature, discusses the impact of Christians in government, pro-life politics, and how to get more involved. “What are you doing serving in the Legislature?” she asked me. “Don’t you know that politics is dirty?” When I was first asked that, I thought I … Read more