“Hey kids look, its a white stork, the bird that delivers babies!” Fr. Steve Powers said to his children as they stood outside the Family Planning Associates Medical Group in Orange.











CEC for the Life of the West, based in San Clemente sponsors 2 powerful youth events

All Night Prayer Vigil at Planned Parenthood

Fr. Steve Powers writes, “I was amazed to see 22 zealous Pro-lifers, from ages 13 to 71, gather at Planned Parenthood, 700 Tustin Avenue, on the night of August 21; and later even more humbled to see 16 of them brave enough to stay until 5:30 AM.
We began the night with prayer and worship, while holding Pro-life signs on the public sidewalk. As the night progressed, the acolytes began setting up for the Memorial Mass. Before we started, I looked up and saw the moon in a perfect half, one half brightly glowing and the other half dark and black. The Lord spoke to me saying, ‘ you are all exactly where you should be in this gap of time. You are exactly in the middle, dividing day and night, separating good and evil, and being a moral witness to mankind.’
As the acolytes continued to ready the table for Mass, I waited and prayed. When it was finished, and I began the Mass, the Lord prompted me to look at the time; it was exactly 12:00 midnight. The Lord spoke again, saying, ‘you are exactly were you should be, dividing the day from the night.You are standing in the gap, pushing away dark evil and bringing in the light of Christ. You are being a witness even in the dark of the night’, pronouncing that a new day has dawned for those lost in the dark. The old day has passed and the new day has begun.”

Sidewalk Counseling and Witnessing at Family Planning Association and Spectrum Center

by: Gavin Harris

On September 10, 2011 a small group of people from the CEC4life of the West, led by Fr.Steve Powers, gathered together at an FPA (Family Planning Association) clinic to side-walk council. Also joining us in witnessing was a group from Calvary Chapel who joined later in the morning. During the time spent at the clinic it did not just rain, it poured. But, even under these conditions, God’s children from three years old to fifty years old stayed and protested against the daily slaughter of the innocent. That day at the clinic, at least a dozen were lost. For that dozen that lost there lives by deceit, one lived. Thirty minutes ago a husband had dropped off his wife at the clinic. Upon returning he stopped next to Fr. Steve, and said, “We’re not doing it.” As we rejoiced over the saved life a cry when up saying “It was the stork!” Everyone agreed that the stork was a sign from God. Before leaving the clinic our group gathered in front of the building and preformed the liturgy for the pre-born, praying for those twenty who lost their lives that day, and all those who came before them. The Holy Spirit was so strong that the clinic workers actually closed the blinds of the windows in an attempt to hide from the power they felt.
After leaving the abortion clinic, the group headed to the Irvine Spectrum Center to witness to the people there. Witnessing was new for many of the people in the group, but they pushed past their fear and were able to plant at least fifty seeds, and even saved one person. in the end we turned four people to Christ and planted more than a hundred seeds that day. This event was so powerful I wouldn’t miss the next one for the world. I encourage all of you to find every opportunity you can to show God’s love, because every day we proclaim the truth and witness, we get one day closer to destroying abortion in America and the world.