Pro-Life T-shirt Day

Washington, DC ( — Thousands of young people across the country will take to the streets and the schools with a message for their peers: oppose abortion. National Pro-Life T Shirt Week is organizing youth and young adults in high schools and colleges across the nation to stand up for unborn children.

In addition to wearing pro-life T-shirts next week, students are urged to engage in sidewalk chalking a pro-life message and standing in front of top government buildings with the shirts.

Project director Scott Carroll tells the event is organized by American Life League with the intent to increase awareness of the personhood of the child in the womb and the tragedy of abortion with a nationwide, positive, activism-oriented event.

“Primarily, we are concerned with getting people to think of the child as a person from the moment of his or her biological beginning,” he said.

“It is much harder to murder a person than it is to ‘remove a lump of tissues,’ and it is only when we finally get the nation thinking in those terms that we will be able to restore the right to life of our preborn brothers and sisters,” Carroll added.

“Just by wearing the T-shirt and being out there in public, you will help to accomplish that goal,” he said.

Seven years ago, the organizers of the Rock for Life youth pro-life group came up with the idea for a national pro-life t-shirt day.

Since the idea has become so popular with the youth and young adults — who polls often show are more pro-life than their parents — organizers expanded the day to a
full week.

Annie Casselman, the director of Generations for Life, a pro-life outreach to youth, is also on board and encourages young people to wear pro-life t-shirts.

“The great thing about wearing a pro-life T-shirt at your school, at work, or wherever, is that it gets people talking about the humanity of the unborn child and the violence of abortion — which a lot of people never think about,” she said.

The event takes place from April 27 through May 3 and pro-life students are encouraged to wear their favorite pro-life t-shirts every day that week or as many days as possible.

Some students have encountered problems from school officials in wearing the shirts and they have been forced to remove them or sent home from school.

However, pro-life legal groups like the Alliance Defense Fund and Thomas More Society have provided free legal support for students and their families. In most cases, they’ve been successful in getting school officials to back down or restore the First Amendment rights of pro-life students wearing t-shirts against abortion.

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