North Dakota Approves Petition for Abortion Decapitation, Skull Crushing Ban

DICKINSON, North Dakota, April 23, 2010 ( ”“ A North Dakota grassroots pro-life organization is announcing the official beginning of an effort to circulate petitions for an initiated measure that would prohibit physicians from decapitating and crushing the skulls of living unborn children.

”’The Baby Decapitation and Skull Crushing Ban’ was approved for circulation by the North Dakota Secretary of State and Attorney General on Thursday. Daniel Woodard, head of the state-wide Stop Decapitation Network, aims to collect 12,844 signatures in order to place the measure on the 2010 or 2012 ballot. The ban would become law if a majority of North Dakotans vote for it.

The Petition Title reads: “This initiated measure would create a new chapter to the North Dakota Century Code making it a crime for a physician to knowingly decapitate or crush the skull of a living unborn child or to incidentally cause serious bodily injury to the mother due to a resulting skull fragment; medical treatment could be used to save the life of the mother if the death of the child is incidental to the treatment.”

“It says a lot about how far we’ve sunk as a godly nation that we would need to pass a law banning the decapitation and skull crushing of babies waiting to be born,” said Woodard. “The barbarians of old were not even as savage as some abortion ‘doctors.’ It’s supremely ironic that we accuse Islamic governments of savagely decapitating their own people, yet they accuse Western governments of savagely decapitating their own children.

“This insane slaughter of others must stop now. None of it is justified.”

The Stop Decapitation Network’s press release pointed to federal testimony by an abortionist describing the gruesome process of decapitating and crushing unborn babies’ skulls to complete abortions.

During a federal district court case out of New York on March 31, 2004, abortionist Timothy Johnson testified: “When one does a D&E [abortion], technically one of the challenges is to remove the fetal skull, partly because it is relatively large, partly because it is relatively calcified, and it is difficult to grasp on occasion. So one of the common technical challenges of a dismemberment D&E is what is called a free-floating head or a head that has become disattached and needs to be removed. This can lead to more passages of instruments through the cervix. And technically it is difficult to grasp the head; it is round, it slips out of the instruments that we generally use. Either those instruments or the head can be extruded outside the uterus and cause perforation [tearing].”

Woodard told Thursday evening that he has not heard any opposition to the measure from pro-abortion groups.

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