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Rally for Life 2010 Belfast

On Saturday 3rd July, thousands of people travelled from all over Ireland ”“ and indeed England, Europe and USA – to attend the colourful and lively All-Ireland Rally for Life hosted by Precious Life in Belfast.

I am delighted with how the day went. It was so exhilarating to see such a massive, colourful pro-life display.

A big thank you to everyone who attended the All-Ireland Rally and all those helped in any way to make the Rally such a success ”“ those who organised buses, distributed leaflets, put up posters, made a donation etc. And of course, a big thank you to everyone who prayed for the success of the Rally.

The day’s event was built a foundation of prayer. Prayers were said on all the buses travelling to the Rally for a successful day. Those people who couldn’t attend the Rally prayed at home. Catholic participants attended a special ”’pre-Rally’ Mass in St Patricks Church at 11.30am celebrated by Fr Sylvester Mann. Prayers were also offered at Masses in other towns before people boarded their buses for the Rally.

The Bishop of Raphoe had sent a strong pro-life message to the All-Ireland Rally for Life. “Life is our most precious gift. The ”’All-Ireland Rally for Life’ is a celebration of life. To attend or take part in it in any way is a worthwhile endeavour to pursue as Catholics. We stand up for God’s gift of life,” said Bishop Boyce. The Bishop of Down and Connor also sent a message of support to Precious Life. Bishop Noel Treanor said that all parishes have been informed of the Rally for Life and he hoped there would be a good attendance. Bishop Joseph Duffy from the Diocese of Clogher also said he notified all his Parish Priests about the Rally for Life and sent us every good wishes. Bishop Seamus Hegarty, Bishop of Derry, sent Precious Life his apologies for being unable to attend the Rally but assured us we were in his prayers from Rome. He said, “May the Lord of Life inspire, sustain and guide you in your endeavours for life.”

Archbishop Edwarda Ozorowskiego from Poland, who was at St Agnes Parish in Belfast on Saturday, gave members of the Rally for Team a special blessing.

Bishop Greg Ortiz from the USA, who attended the Rally, said “Ireland is the light of the World – holding back the forces of darkness. May God bless their labour.”

Just after 2.00pm, traffic in Belfast city centre came to a standstill as streets had to be closed to accommodate the massive crowds, and the Rally participants took full advantage by dancing and singing as they walked through the city centre. There was a jubilant atmosphere as thousands walked and danced in the glorious sunshine with balloons, flags, banners and music to celebrate life. The huge crowd cheered the speakers – myself; Niamh Uí Bhriain from Life Institute in Dublin; Rev George Hargreaves from the Christian Party in London, Fr Sylvester Mann representing Priests for Life in Ireland, and Fr. Terry Gensemer from USA – who urged the Rally participants to be active on pro-life issues.

This was one of the largest pro-life rallies that Ireland has ever seen. One estimate of the size of the crowd was 5000 people.

The Rally for Life sent out a clear message that Ireland is the ”’light of the world’ in the global battle against abortion. We were proud to proclaim that – at a time when abortion has become the norm in so many other countries around the world – Ireland still protects and cherishes her unborn children.

But the enemies of the unborn never sleep. Ireland is a crucial battleground, with powerful pro-abortion organisations in the UK, Ireland, Europe, and the United Nations, all straining at the leash to change our pro-life laws and legalise the killing of our unborn children. As you know, Ireland is one of the last remaining countries where abortion is illegal and where unborn children are protected. Tragically, the rest of Europe, and indeed most of the world, is steeped in the blood of innocent children, and only by the grace of God and the actions and sacrifices of good people like you and the various pro-life groups, we are holding back the floodgates. We cannot let our country weaken or fall to the culture of death. It would be a terrible tragedy, not only for the future children of Ireland but for the future children of the world.

I thank God for the fantastic Rally for Life in Belfast on Saturday but the battle to protect our unborn children is a relentless daily battle and I pray with my whole heart that the good people of Ireland will not tire or grow weary of doing good (2 Th 3:13) because millions of little babies are depending on us.

We now move on from the Rally and get straight back into saving babies. On Saturday we ”’rallied for life’, but what about today? tomorrow? ..and the day after? ..and the day after that? We must keep fighting for life every day throughout the year. While we’re still experiencing the feelings of joy and excitement about the successful Rally, why not renew your commitment to be a voice for unborn children throughout the year.

Please give me a call TODAY on 028 90278484 for information on how you, your family and friends, can get involved in any of the pro-life activities listed below

-”‚ Make a Donation to Precious Life

-”‚ Become a member of a Precious Life

-”‚ Take part in our Street Information Campaigns

-”‚ Take part in our daily Prayer Vigils at Abortion Agencies

-”‚ Take part in Events and Rallies

-”‚ Distribute Precious Life Literature

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-”‚ Help in some other way

I look forward to seeing you at next year’s All Ireland Rally for Life to be held in Dublin on Saturday 2nd July, where we can look back at another successful year of pro-life action in protecting our unborn children

For the least of Jesus’ little ones,

Bernadette Smyth


PS. Click here to view Photos and Slideshow Video of Rally