Remember those Women Facing Crisis Pregnancies

Today I was thinking about Mary, the Mother of Jesus. I suppose that most Christians tend to think of her a lot during the Christmas season because we mention her a little more in songs, readings, and even spot her in icons and the occasional Christmas card. I was thinking more though of her role as a pregnant mom. My friend who works at a local crisis pregnancy center here in Birmingham told me that just this past week they had recieved three appointments from girls between the ages of eleven and thirteen. All three were wanting an abortion, one adult asked that the girl’s fallopian tubes be tied! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Then I thought of Mary. Here a young teenage girl, pregnant with the saviour of the world was facing a similar situation. Mary was “favored” and especially chosen for this great and wonderful gift, yet I can only imagine how painful her heart must have felt knowing the extreme scorn and scandal this pregnancy was going to bring. I can only imagine that Mary was also faced with the same temptations that these young girls face as they carry their child to term. Is this really worth it? What will people think of me? Am I doing the right thing? Yet it was Mary’s “yes” that allowed her faith in God to overcome her deepest fears. “I am the handmaiden of the Lord, be it unto me as you have said.” What Mary’s are searching for answers now? What children in the womb need a “yes.”

Lord, help me to remember all women facing crisis pregancies, remembering that Mary said yes , and through her yes, I may have eternal life with Christ.