a call to fasting

Dear Friends,

Next week we will be holding events for the Birmingham Letter Project. For four days, CEC For Life will team up with the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust to pray in front of abortion clinics, educate and encourage the pro-life community, and bring the message of justice for the preborn to local college and high school campuses.

Some of you will be attending these events, and some of you will be in other states and countries across the globe. In either case, we are asking for your prayers and for your commitment to a one day fast. Our first prayer vigil will begin on Wednesday, October 20th at 9:00 am. We invite you to spend Tuesday fasting in whatever way the Lord leads you, and praying that these events will be covered beneath the wings of Christ’s compassion, grace and wisdom. Pro-life ministry, just like any other area of ministry, must start with prayer. Please join us.

The Peace of the Lord,

Sarah Howell