A Witness to Life

“You killed the Author of Life, but God raised him from the dead.We are witnesses of this.”- Acts 3:15

A few years ago this passage struck me as it relates not only to Peter, who proclaimed it and to the many others who saw Jesus resurrected, but it applied to me as well. I am a witness to the saving power of Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead. Although this shouldn’t be a new revelation to any Christian, it is certainly one that struck me as not only the revelation of Jesus Christ from the dead, but also as it applies to human life. We are witnesses to life. Each time a child is born, we are witnesses to to this new life. Each time an ultrasound is performed and we can see the unborn child , we are witnesses to God’s creation of human life. Each time we view countless photographs,studies, and reports on human life in the womb, we become witnesses of this life and the reality and proof thereof. If Peter had not seen Christ resurrected, could he really say that he was a witness? We have witnessed the shedding of innocent blood of our brothers and sisters in the womb. We have witnessed the violation of the sanctity of human life. Yes, we are witnesses of this. But, we are witnesses to life as well. We have seen the sick healed, the lame walk and the power of God working in another’s life. We have seen and experienced the Life of Christ living in us. We are also witnesses to life.

So, if we are then witnesses to life, then we must also speak up for life! We are often times the only voice that someone will listen to, the only person standing between someone’s decision to preserve life or to end it. We are witnesses to the saving power of Jesus Christ and we are witnesses to the divine creation of human life and its sacredness. We are witnesses of this.