“Abortion Queen” Runs Billboard Campaign in Abortion-Free Alabama

It seems like the abortion industry is growing more and more bold. Many years ago the people that were promoting abortion always wanted to say “safe, rare, and legal”. It looks like those days are over. As abortion providers become increasingly more agressive and feel that public opinion is on their side, unfortunately, they are pouring their money into high visibility advertising. Not long ago while driving home I looked up and saw a major billboard saying ProAbort.com in order to direct people to their website.

A Google search revealed that the ad was paid for by The Pink House Fund which is a non-profit run by no other than Diane Derzis. Derzis is the former owner of the now shuttered New Woman All Women abortion clinic in Birmingham, AL. Her clinic was shut down after the pro-life community exposed abortion injuries and filthy conditions that resulted in the state revoking her license. Derzis is also the owner of the clinic in Jackson, MS that was at the heart of the Dobbs vs. Jackson Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe. Having been run out of Alabama and Mississippi, she is now running a clinic out of Las Cruces, New Mexico while still trying to persuade women in abortion-free states to come to her substandard clinics.

Of course, this billboard was placed in a low-income area as abortionists have always targeted that particular demographic. I understand, after talking to others, that there are additional billboards in Alabama and I assume in other states where abortion has been criminalized. This bold new campaign should cause all pro-life citizens to remember that these people never stop. So we need to remember that, if it is up to them, they will continue to do all that is possible to destroy the innocent, voiceless children and ruin the lives of mothers who choose abortion.

This would be a good time for citizens to reach out to their state representatives regarding deep concern about outside organizations targeting Alabama women for abortions.