Meet the Staff

Fr. Terry Gensemer, Director

Fr. Terry Gensemer — a pastor for more than 20 years in the Birmingham area — currently serves as the full-time International Director of CEC For Life and a Board Member of the National Pro-life Religious Council.

He also serves as Pastoral Director of the Society of Centurions – a group which hosts healing retreats for those who have left the abortion industry.

His expertise includes urban ministry, racial reconciliation and pro-life youth work.  As pastor of several urban churches, Fr. Gensemer has been very active in citywide pro-life activities and in efforts to reach the most vulnerable members of the inner-city community.  He developed a mentoring program for at-risk families in 1999 that received national recognition.

In 2001, Fr. Gensemer became the Director of his denomination’s newly formed pro-life organization, Charismatic Episcopal Church For Life (CEC For Life).  He uses his position as a denominational leader to bring unity and strategy to the Body of Christ.

Fr. Gensemer has authored many articles and his ministry has been featured in numerous magazines in the United States, France, Ireland and the United Kingdom, along with many other national and local radio and television stations and news publications.  He speaks at and organizes pro-life events, youth activities, conferences and prayer vigils around the globe, especially in the United States, Brazil, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Great Britain, East Africa, Spain, France and the Philippines.

He is married to Dr. Patricia Gensemer and has 2 daughters, Shana and Merissa, as well as 7 beautiful grandchildren.

Sarah Howell, Exec Assistant

Sarah Howell has been a pro-life advocate for over ten years, working with many groups along the way. While the majority of her ministry is focused within CEC For Life, under the direction of long-time leader Fr. Terry Gensemer, Sarah also began work in 2012 with Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

With a BFA in Creative Writing, she has written articles featured in publications like Ireland’s Solas Magazine, Survivors Action and News, and is a featured blogger for Ireland’s Life Institute. Sarah currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama and attends Church of the Reconciler CEC, where she enjoys volunteering with youth.