Alabama abortion clinics have been ordered to STOP. Will Gov. Ivey enforce it? Call and ask her!

As the above headline reads, Governor Ivey issued a health order last week that states “all elective dental and medical procedures shall be delayed, effective immediately.” This includes abortions, which are elective procedures.  However, as expected, abortion clinics in our state continue to operate as if this health order does not apply to them.

In response, CEC For Life and the Metro Birmingham Life Forum composed a letter to the Attorney General and the Governor asking them to take action immediately. The letter was signed by leaders, pastors and pro-life advocates across the state. (To read the letter and view the signers, click here!)

Now it’s your turn!

We need every concerned citizen to call and email these two offices. Ask Governor Ivey and Attorney General Marshall to order abortions stopped immediately, in compliance with the health order they have already issued.

Remind them that people and businesses all over our state are making sacrifices to curb the spread of this virus and abortion clinics are not exempt.

Here is the contact info for the Governor:


Office: 334.242.7100

To email her office, click here. (Contact form)

Here is the contact info for the Attorney General:


Office: 334.242.7300

To email his office, click here. (Contact form)

We have a real opportunity to save lives here and we’d like the Governor and Attorney General to know that citizens across the state are standing together.

Also, know that we are not the only state holding these abortion clinics accountable! Texas, Ohio and Louisiana are stopping these clinics from operating and defying health orders meant to save lives.

Just yesterday, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joined Ohio in issuing a warning to the abortion businesses: “No one is exempt from the governor’s executive order on medically unnecessary surgeries and procedures, including abortion providers.”

Make those calls, Alabama!