All Life is Sacred in the Philippines

By Marilou Villavicencio

After having watched a recent 10-minute documentary on the RH Bill, one would tend to feel some apprehension with regards to the possibility of this bill being passed in Congress.


It is said that this bill, which has been pending in congress since 1998, might be approved in May. It is only this year that Congress has started to actively discuss this on the floor and Malacanang has expressed support for the bill. Today, seemingly, the PRO RH Bill representatives are gaining strength with 41.8% of the 190 representatives supporting it. Only 18.8% are against it, 11.3 are neutral and 28.5 have not decided.


The Catholic church as well as the PROLIFE Movement in the Philippines have expressed concern over what would be the outcome of the debate in Congress but remained steadfast in its campaign against the ratification of the bill.


We, of the ICCEC, have supported the crusade in our own way by joining them in their marches and spreading the campaign ads that they have been publishing. We have been visibly proclaiming the Sanctity Of Life with a huge billboard along EDSA, one of the main thoroughfares of the Metropolis. Ever since the season of Lent started we have daily been wearing our Life is Sacred t-shirts. Posters are hanging on the fences of our homes. We also had bumper stickers for our cars and pins made”¦all to make a positive declaration of our stand for life.


One catholic priest had said that we are on a crossroads at this time in this fight against the RHB. This is why we must stay vigilant as this may cause the destruction of the spiritual and moral life of the people of this nation. We put all our trust in the Lord at this time and cry out for His continuous intervention which He had been doing in all the 13 years that it has been pending in Congress.