Article submission by Caitlin Tanner, Rochester Hills, MI (Holy Redeemer Parish)

Growing up in a pro-life home, I never imagined the controversy of abortion. “Why would anyone be ”’ok’ with something so disgusting?” were my exact thoughts. So you might understand my surprise when we discussed abortion in my 7th grade history class. Not only was my opinion outnumbered, there were about 4 students out of around 30 who held the same opinion as myself.

After that day, I’ve been very involved in pro-life ministries that include participating in the Silent Day of Solidarity, the March for Life and Praying the Liturgy for the Preborn outside of abortion mills.

I’m now starting my freshman year in high school and plan on being just as strong-headed about the issue. I would like to encourage all youth to be involved in pro-life ministries because we are the future and a third of our generation will not be there to see it.

I truly believe our generation can and will bring an end to abortion. That doesn’t mean you can slack off now. I mean start now. Abortion isn’t something you can set to the side. Everyday 4,000 babies are killed through abortion. You can’t wait another day to stand for life. These children can’t wait another day. So the next time you have the chance to stand for life, I hope you’ll take it. We ARE the future”¦and the future starts NOW.