August 5th: #ShutDerzisDown TWEETFEST!

Diane Derzis, also known as the “Abortion Queen” of the South, has decided she’s allowed to operate a back-alley abortion mill in Birmingham, Alabama! No license. No regulations. No concern for the lives of women OR children that have already been harmed by Derzis and her reprehensible abortionist, Bruce Norman.

The Department of Public Health (ADPH) has responded with a lawsuit against Derzis AND Norman, and their ongoing investigation (greatly aided by the work of Life Legal Defense Foundation) has uncovered a plethora of evidence to prove both Derzis and Norman are shamelessly breaking the law.

Now comes the court hearing!

ON AUGUST 5TH, Derzis will appear before an Alabama judge and the ADPH will make its case against her illegal clinic.

ON THAT MORNING, we are asking the entire pro-life community to join us in a #ShutDerzisDown Tweetfest!

FROM 8 AM – 12 NOON, use your best social networking skills to remind the ADPH, Attorney General Luther Strange, and Attorney Brian Hale that not one more life should be put in danger by Derzis’ total lack of regard for the law. On August 5th: #ShutDerzisDown!


Keep us safe, ADPH! Alabama women deserve better than Derzis’ back-alley abortions. @pbrianhale @ALPublicHealth #Aug5th #ShutDerzisDown

@lutherstrange @pbrianhale We’re counting on YOU to #ShutDerzisDown TODAY!

@ALPublicHealth Get Diane’s dirty hands out of Alabama! Our women deserve honest healthcare. #ShutDerzisDown

@pbrianhale @lutherstrange @ALPublicHealth Derzis’ dirty biz can’t stay in Birmingham // #ShutDerzisDown & save women! #Aug5th #ineedahero

Mississippi or Alabama – Derzis won’t follow laws in ANY state // // @ALPublicHealth #ShutDerzisDown TODAY! Unlicensed. Unregulated. Unacceptable. @lutherstrange @pbrianhale AL women are counting on you to #ShutDerzisDown.

You can also check out the action at


PDF of Current Lawsuit, State Board of Health vs. All Women’s Inc.

Brief of Amici Curiae by LLDF on behalf of CEC For Life & Operation Rescue