BABY SAVED in Rochester, NY!

This past Thursday, Fr. Terry Gensemer, Bishop Greg Ortiz and the congregation of Trinity Communion CEC in Rochester, NY gathered outside of the Rochester Planned Parenthood to sidewalk counsel and pray a Liturgy for the Preborn at the Time of Death.

Several of the regular sidewalk counselors were also present, and remained at the clinic even after our group departed — which we are very thankful for! Because TODAY, Sarah Ortiz of Trinity Communion forwarded this amazing praise report from Mary Jost, Director of the Focus Pregnancy Center in Rochester:

Dear Prayer Partner,

Here is a note from Sheila, who sidewalk counsels in front of Planned Parenthood, on Thursdays from 10:30am to 1pm along with her dedicated team members of usually 3 or 4 people.  This was a prayer answered & thank God for your prayers to make this happen. Praise God!!  Here is her note, that she sent to me:

Thursday Nov. 29/2012

When I arrived there were about 10 or 15 people praying outside Planned Parenthood!  What an awesome presence!  Pat and Bill were there, and Tom, and Jennifer who is usually there on Tuesday.  A group of Charismatic Episcopal Church members were there also.  It looked as though they had held a service…..there were booklets entitled “Liturgy for the Preborn at the Time of Death.”  Several clergymen were there, including Rev. Canon Terry Gensemer, from Alabama, and Bishop Gregory Ortiz from New Paltz NY.  The group left shortly after I arrived, and so did Pat and Bill.

Tom began circling the block praying the rosary, which left Jennifer and myself on the sidewalk.  While we were there alone, a car exited the parking lot and pulled over when we asked them to.  I asked the woman passenger if she had been at Planned Parenthood for an appointment. She looked upset.  I asked her if she had just had an abortion.  She said no, she couldn’t do it.  She was there for that purpose, but left. Jennifer asked her what made her change her mind, and she said it was seeing the people praying on the sidewalk. We were, of course, very happy. We told her about the Focus Pregnancy Help Center, and that we would be there to help her.  She didn’t stop in today, but I gave her a packet, and wrote her name in my Golden Book of People I Pray For, and asked her to pray for us.  She said she would.

God Bless, Sheila.

What a merciful God we serve!  CEC For Life has prayed this Liturgy in front of abortion clinics all over the world, and we are always amazed at how God works so significantly through these simple prayers.  May God’s name be praised for saving this little child!  Please share this encouraging story with everyone you know! And please keep the mother in prayer as she continues on in her pregnancy!