Birmingham Asphalt Company REFUSES to Work with Planned Parenthood

HUGE NEWS (and a definite reminder for continued prayer): We received word today that Dunn Construction, one of only three local providers for asphalt, REFUSED to bid on paving Planned Parenthood’s parking lot! AND, they went even further for life by also refusing to provide asphalt to any smaller companies who might take the job and need to purchase the asphalt from their factory. Praise God!! And many thanks to Dunn for standing for babies in the womb!

This company’s decision to do what is right may encourage other companies — even the smaller ones — to do the same. We know of a situation where this might be the exact case, but we can’t say anymore about it at this time.

We simply ask that you continue to PRAY. Pray that the other two local providers for asphalt (we are contacting them this week!) will also refuse to help Planned Parenthood, and that smaller businesses will see a way to follow suit. Imagine if Planned Parenthood can’t find a single person to pave that parking lot. Pray, saints!