BREAKING: Diane Derzis’ Georgia Clinic Losing Ground Fast

derzisColumbus, GA. — Diane Derzis, owner of the run-down abortion facility, Columbus Women’s Health Organization, is losing ground fast in Georgia, including the recent resignation of one of her main abortionists.

Theresa Spenney, President of Chattahoochee Valley United for Life (CVUL), announced at a Wednesday press conference that her organization received confirmation of the abortionist’s resignation after making his central OB/GYN practice, one of the largest in the state, aware of his side job within the abortion industry.

CVUL has maintained a dedicated prayerful sidewalk presence at Columbus Women’s Health for several years.  During that time, they have also collected alarming amounts of photo evidence and patient testimonies which reflect a terrible state of affairs within the facility.

Spenney says, “Since Diane Derzis bought this abortion facility several years ago, we have witnessed the condition of the building and grounds deteriorate, and have heard more and more reports from women who have been inside that the same is happening within. We have also heard numerous complaints from women leaving the Columbus Women’s Health Organization about the care being provided, which we began documenting.”

Many say they are not surprised.  Over the last two years, Derzis has repeatedly made local and national news for both running an illegal abortion facility out of Birmingham, and for failing to obtain hospital privileges for her abortion facility in Mississippi.

According to Fr. Terry Gensemer, Director of the Birmingham-based ministry, CEC For Life, Derzis’ illegal Birmingham operation has only recently been shut down for good.  Fr. Gensemer reports that the actual building, and even Derzis’ Birmingham home, have both gone up for sale.

“Those may be victories for Birmingham,” Fr. Gensemer says, “but the battle is ongoing.  The same abortionist who resigned from Derzis’ Georgia clinic this week was moonlighting at her Birmingham clinic just two years previous.  At that time, my organization took similar steps to expose him and were able to secure the same promise of his resignation from Birmingham.  However, it’s very apparent after CVUL’s announcement that this abortionist is readily willing to make a buck with Derzis as long as no one finds out.  We commend his central practice for acting so swiftly to remove this abortionist from the Derzis facility, and for demonstrating an earnest attitude toward providing true healthcare for women.”

The news of this resignation comes on the heels of another blow to Derzis’ Georgia facility.  Her second Georgia abortionist, Andre Williams, was recently indicted for Medicaid fraud.  With no abortionists, a dilapidated building, and growing pressure from the public calling for an investigation from the state, it looks as if Derzis will soon be facing her own resignation.