Breaking News: Atlanta OB/GYN Will No Longer Commit Abortions in Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Feb. 6, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — According to the pro-life group CEC For Life, an Atlanta OB/GYN, Dr. Ivan Diamond, will no longer commit abortions at the New Woman All Women abortion mill in Birmingham, AL.

Diamond was one of two known abortionists at New Woman–a clinic that made news Jan. 21st for what appeared to be two botched abortions after several people witnessed two women being taken away by ambulance at the same time.

On the morning of February 2nd, after several unsuccessful attempts to contact Northside Women Specialists–Diamond’s employer–CEC For Life traveled to Atlanta with the intention of bringing public awareness to Diamond’s weekend abortion practice in Birmingham.

“We called Northside several times,” reports CEC For Life assistant Sarah Howell. “They didn’t call back, so we sent a letter. When that went unnoticed we knew we’d have to picket.”

But according to CEC For Life Director Fr. Terry Gensemer, the group arrived to discover that their picket would not be needed.

Before beginning their demonstration, Fr. Gensemer and two other members of CEC For Life decided to enter the building and make the OB/GYN office aware of the group’s intent. The group was immediately ushered into a back office by the receptionist and amicably greeted by the Northside Practice Manager.

“We received a letter,” the Practice Manager explained, “and, in light of that letter, we would like you to know that Dr. Diamond will no longer be performing abortions in Alabama.”

“We were stunned at first,” Fr. Gensemer comments. “We assumed they had chosen to ignore our letter. We would really like to thank Northside for choosing life and the integrity of their practice over the atrocious ‘side business’ of Diamond. Hopefully Northside will continue in its mission to provide high-quality care for women and preborn children.”

The New Woman clinic is now down to one abortionist, an encouragement to CEC For Life. Over the last two years, the pro-life ministry has focused many of its efforts on legally closing down this clinic, consulting with Operation Rescue President Troy Newman and coordinating events with ally organizations like Survivors.

Newman is responsible for the closing of dozens of abortion mills across the nation through legal means. He says, “In OR’s experience, clinics like New Woman have a narrow hold on staying in business. They have two possible botched abortions for which they are being investigated, a dilapidated building, and one of their abortionists jumping ship.”

Sarah Howell concurs with Newman. “CEC For Life is completely committed to seeing this abortion mill close its doors using every available legal resource,” she says. “Diamond’s leaving is just one more step in that process.”