Bringing the Gospel of Life to the Streets of Brazil

by Felipe Alves

“Against the Culture of Death! For every life is sacred!”

What you just read is not just a catchphrase to beg people’s attention – it is a struggle, an every day war of any and each person whom still have the principles and the values of God. We are the ministry “Pescadores de Homens” (Fishers of Men), based out of the Cathedral Living Stone. Made up of the youth in Vitória de Santo Antão, Brazil, we go into the community during Carnival festivities and talk about the love of God in Jesus Christ.

The Carnival is a popular festival here in Brazil. Itʼs considered a “cultural feast,” but, behind all that, itʼs a time when violence increases and when sex, sensuality and promiscuity is explicitly high. This “cultural feast” leads to a growing abortion rate in Brazil, with abortion numbers consistently spiking three months after Carnival as a consequence of what is done during the feast.

Among these dark activities, the phrase above is our main cry. Among the throngs of lost people, we go into the city and stand against the Culture of Death to prophesy life. We cry in silence, wearing red Life tape across our mouths to represent the silent screams and the bloodshed from all the murdered preborn children around the world.

As the future generation of Brazil, we know that we must keep fighting, protesting and praying; doing what is possible to stop the Culture of Death and, even more, to prophesy life, all for the glory of God!