#ProtectThemBoth — Imperative Call to Prayer During Historic Supreme Court Case

On Wednesday, March 2, the United States Supreme Court will hear “Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt” the most important case concerning abortion in 25 years.  The Justices will determine if a Texas law promoting women’s health regarding abortion is a violation of the Constitution. The two regulations being challenged within law, which passed the Texas … Read more

The Few & The Faithful — Even Record Breaking Blizzards Can’t Keep Us Away

This year’s March For Life was a unique experience, to say the least. The usual half a million attendees, for example, were down to perhaps half that.  Time people might have spent visiting with pro-life friends we only get to see in DC was spent, instead, watching incredible amounts of snow accumulate outside of hotel … Read more

Historic City of Selma Finally Abortion Free; Illegal Abortion Mill Shuts Down

SELMA, Ala., Dec. 30, 2015 /Christian Newswire/ — In 2014, Fr. Terry Gensemer of CEC For Life uncovered an illegal abortion clinic in Selma, Alabama, and began efforts to stop the appalling operation. Now, the coalition of pro-life organizations that developed around those efforts has confirmed that Dr. Samuel Lett is no longer performing abortions … Read more

CEC For Life Files Amicus Brief to Defend Marriage

Montgomery, AL, Nov. 17, 2015 / Liberty Counsel /— Two organizations, one involving pediatricians and the other involving churches, became the latest groups to ask the Alabama Supreme Court to resist the U.S. Supreme Court’s lawless marriage opinion and to protect Alabama churches, families, and children. “It is in the best interest of children and … Read more

CEC For Life Joins Rev. Schenck, Rev. Mahoney and Actor Sam Waterston In Effort to Save One Man’s Life

Yesterday, CEC For Life, along with Rev. Rob Schenck and Rev. Pat Mahoney of the Ten Commandments Project, co-hosted a private Fellowship Breakfast, followed by a press conference regarding the urgent situation of death row inmate William “Billy” Kuenzel. Sam Waterston, award-winning actor and star of NBC’s Law & Order, spoke at both events, first … Read more

78,000+ in the last Rally — Ready for round two?

by Hayley Bifulco With five days before the nationwide event, #ProtestPP, I noticed that the largest affiliate on Long Island, Planned Parenthood of Nassau County, was not listed as a location to protest on the national protest’s website: protestpp.com. I heard some talk from local pro-life activists about spreading the word and just showing up … Read more

#PPSellsBabyParts Day of Protest in Birmingham

On Saturday, August 22nd, Birmingham will join over 100 cities in nationwide protest of Planned Parenthood and its affiliates. Undercover videos recently released by the Center for Medical Progress show Planned Parenthood executives haggling over the price of aborted baby body parts. Some even reveal Planned Parenthood techs rummaging through the actual dismembered pieces of … Read more

Red wine or white wine? Livers or hearts? PP EXPOSED.

“I’d say a lot want liver,” Dr. Deborah Nucatola says with a cool air, daintily placing a piece of lettuce in her mouth. She isn’t discussing the menu of the noisy restaurant in which she’s being filmed, unaware of the undercover investigators sitting before her.  In fact, her breezy manner is incredibly disturbing when you … Read more