CEC For Life Gathers at Planned Parenthood in Carlsbad, CA








By William Glessner

On July 30th CEC for Life held an event outside of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Carlsbad, California with four different churches represented: Church of the Advent, Living Faith, St. Michael’s Church, and Church of the Reconciler. With Pro-Life signs, Crucifix, and information pamphlets in hand, the groups went to work spreading the truth about Planned Parenthood and abortion. For the clinic workers the day started out simply enough with smiles and the expectance of an easy pay check at the cost of America’s tax dollars and the life of innocent children. But shortly after holding a worship and prayer session, followed with sidewalk counseling led by Mrs. Shannon Powers; the workers became vividly upset and actually left their office to escort women into the clinic. Police officials were called in many times by the clinic but after a short exchange of words Fr. Terry Gensemer the officer was supportive of the group and saw no reason for any legal action to be taken. The event ended with a prayer vigil for the unborn and Holy Eucharist on the property of the shopping center. God’s light truly did shine this day as many were touched by the Holy Spirit and felt a fire, a passion, for these children denied life. It was also revealed through a business neighbor of the clinic that Planned Parenthood had lied and cheated their way into their lease with the owner and other leasers not wanting for them to be there. Praise be to God Brothers and Sisters that people are recognizing the undesirability for these places of death in family areas. God’s light truly did shine into that dark place that day. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.