CEC For Life in Brazil

I have just finished with one of the most amazing times that I can remember in ministry. I have spent the last two weeks in the area of Recife, Brazil promoting the culture of life to groups of ministers, churches and seminary students. It was an honor to accompany Patriarch Crag Bates, Bishop Michael Davidson, Archbishop Chuck Jones, Fr. Jim and Kris House and Deacon John Garret on this trip. The reception has been phenomenal and many lives have been touched by the message and people have been encouraged to build a culture of life in Brazil. The young people and their leaders are looking forward to promoting and participating in Pro-life activities. The pastors are ready to equip their parishes to be a voice for those who have no voice. The nation of Brazil is on the verge of revival as many people are returning to Christ. God help the United States to experience the same type of awakening.

It is important to note that abortion is illegal in Brazil, yet the ever-present forces of death are doing everything possible to liberalize the laws of the country. I told the groups wherever I spoke of the horrors of living in a nation where abortion has been legal for more than 30 years. I begged them to stand strong and not let that ever happen in Brazil. I pointed out to them that abortion is primarily a spiritual issue so the first and foremost action to take is prayer. Through prayer, God will show them other ways to stand against this evil that is being propagated all over the world.

Thousands of people heard the message of life during this trip. I was invited to speak at Trinity Cathedral, a church with thousands of members which is under the leadership of Bishop Paulo Garcia, at Peniel Parish, where Fr. Marco Antonio Mota has built a strong inner city work that reaches out to the poor, at the Cathedral of the Reconciliation, where under the guidance of Bishop Alexandre Ximenes, the parish has grown to more than 2000, at Cathedral Pedra Viva in Vitoria, where Bishop Frederico Bastos and his church are taking their city for God. Bishop Frederico will be the CEC For Life point man for all of Brazil. I was also very privileged to speak to a group of seminarians and leaders who came from all over Brazil for training under the supervision of Bishop Michael Davidson and Canon Jim House. All in all it has been exciting, exhilarating and encouraging to be with these great people. Please pray for the nation of Brazil and the ministry of CEC For Life as I continue to proclaim the message that All Life Is Sacred under the leadership of Patriarch Bates in the United States and throughout the world.

Fr. Terry Gensemer

International Director

CEC For Life