CEC For Life in Europe: Check out Fr. Terry’s Travel Plans

Fr. Terry, along with his wife Patti, have finally made it back to Europe where they will be able to continue the work of encouraging and equipping our European brothers and sisters in the fight for life!

Using Spain as a sort of home base, where Bishop Elmer Belmonte of the ICCEC Diocese of Europe is located, Fr. Terry will be able to travel to different countries throughout his three month stay.

This week, he and Patti will travel to Estonia to visit with St. Barnabas CEC in Pärnu and St. Stephen the Martyr CEC in Tallinn.  While there, he will conduct an All Life Is Sacred Seminar, join in community outreach, and preach on the sanctity of life.

Last fall, the parishes in Estonia participated in the first March for Life to be held in their nation in thirty years.  CEC For Life is excited to see how God has continued to foster their hearts for the preborn and how we can assist them in developing more pro-life outreach in Estonia. 

Later in August, Fr. Terry and Patti will also travel to Berlin, Germany to spend time with Fr. Dennis Santiago and his parish Church of the Holy Trinity.

Fr. Terry plans to travel to any of the countries he’s currently allowed to visit, offering seminars, engaging in pro-life events and outreach, and preaching. Dates are still being set for visits to:

  • Church of St. Paul the Apostle in Paris, France
  • Parish Church of St. Timothy in Milan, Italy
  • Parish Church of St. Mark in Venice, Italy
  • Holy Redeemer Mission Church in Bilbao, Spain

Fr. Terry will also return to Madrid, Spain throughout his stay.  He recently had the opportunity to offer the homily for the ICCEC Europe Daily Live Stream in studio. After more than 400 episodes, Fr. Terry was Bishop Elmer Belmonte’s first in-person guest, which was an honor and a great joy. 

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