CEC For Life, the Anniversary of Roe, and a “Farewell” Liturgy

For over twenty years, on the morning of the annual DC March for Life, CEC For Life has held a Liturgy for the Preborn on the steps of the Supreme Court. In every kind of weather, we have gathered year after year to give dignity to children in the womb and pray for God to move in our nation on behalf of the preborn, especially in the courts.

Last summer, we saw that prayer answered. The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, handing the decision to ban abortion back to the states. Within weeks, 14 states were abortion-free. By the end of the year, 88 abortion clinics across the country closed their doors — a record number. Thousands upon thousands of preborn lives were saved and all because of the strong pro-life work done in the states in anticipation that, one day, Roe would fall.

This January, CEC For Life wants to lead a special Liturgy and time of praise in DC, but not on the morning of the March for Life. This year, we will hold the Liturgy for the Preborn on the steps of the Supreme Court on Sunday, January 22 — the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Bishop Rob Northwood and Fr. Terry Gensemer will lead the Liturgy for the Preborn at 3 PM. We will gather one last time to give thanks for this incredible victory, and then prepare to shift our March for Life efforts to the state level.

We have faithfully held vigil at the Supreme Court and we have seen the results. Now we must faithfully move our vigil to the states. State initiatives and state marches are going to be crucial, especially in those states where children in the womb are still without protection.

One last time, though, we will stand on those steps — hopefully in some decent weather — and give thanks for all God has done. All are invited! Join us on Sunday, January 22, at 3 PM at 1 First St NE in Washington, DC.