CEC For Life Vigils on June 24th, the One Year Anniversary of Dobbs

Saturday, June 24, will mark the one year anniversary of Dobbs vs. Jackson, the momentous Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe and handed abortion back to the states. We now have 14 abortion-free states in our nation, with more states working through the courts to follow suit. We also have states like New York and California that have doubled down on abortion access, many enshrining a “right” to abortion in their state constitutions.

The battle for the lives of the preborn is far from over. June 24 is a day to celebrate the fall of Roe, but also a day to renew our commitment to the preborn and continue praying for those children in the womb still lacking legal protections.

With Roe gone, CEC for Life cannot emphasis enough the importance of pro-life efforts in individual states, especially in those states determined to continue the brutal killing of pre-born children. Whether you live in a state with an abortion ban in place or unfettered abortion access — preborn children in this nation still need all of our prayers. On June 24, praying is exactly what we plan to do.


On the morning on the one year anniversary, Fr. Terry Gensemer will lead a brief Liturgy for the Preborn at 9:30 AM in front of the Planned Parenthood still open and operating in Birmingham, Alabama (1019 1st Ave N).

Yes, abortion is banned in the state, but former abortion clinics are attempting to remain open as “reproductive health centers” and a source of abortion information for women seeking to cross state lines. Abortion advocates in Alabama have made it clear they are biding their time in hopes that some federal move by Biden opens the door for abortions to be performed once more.

CEC for Life invites the pro-life community to gather with us in prayer on this important anniversary! We will give thanks for an abortion-free state, but also pray for the ongoing pro-life ministry in the state and an end to all abortion across the nation.


While Fr. Terry leads the vigil in Birmingham, Sarah Neely and former intern Christian McGrew will hold three vigils at three different abortion clinics in Jacksonville, Florida. Florida is a key battleground state. A six-week ban was signed by Governor Ron DeSantis earlier this year, however, it won’t go into effect unless an earlier 15-week ban — currently before the Supreme Court — is upheld.

CEC For Life has a wonderful relationship with the pro-life community in Jacksonville and the two CEC churches located there: Church of the Messiah with Fr. Scott Looker and Prince of Peace with Fr. Bill Jordan.

Starting at 9 AM on June 24th, Fr. Ed Shiell with start the “relay of vigils” at A Woman’s Choice on University Blvd S. This is actually Church of Messiah’s monthly Liturgy for the Preborn, which they’ve held for several years now. At 10 AM, Sarah and Christian will lead another vigil at All Women’s Health on Huffingham Rd, and, at 11 AM, a final vigil at Planned Parenthood on Powers Avenue.

If you live in the Jacksonville area, please join us for one or all of these prayer vigils!