The CEC for Life 2008 contest is now officially underway!
This year’s contest purpose is aimed to tap into the creativity of youth today to release the gifts of the Holy Spirit each one is given through their ideas.
We are asking that each participant submit an original idea to protest abortion and draw others into a pro-life worldview. You may express your ideas through a DVD/movie presentation, Website, etc. You must also include how you would draw others to participate in your idea and promote it (i.e. How would you promote your website, What ways of communication would you use?).
You must also include who your audience will be for your idea. (i.e. Is your idea intended only for youth, or for the young at heart as well?).
Here are some ideas that have ignited passion in the heart of the pro-life movement especially through youth.
1.Silent Siege
2.Silent Day of Awareness
3. Pro-life t-shirt day
4. Crosses matched to number of abortions
5. Stand True Ministries
We are asking you to present an original idea that would be helpful to ignite another passionate drive in the hearts and minds of youth today.
We will select three winners who will receive their airfare and hotel expenses (w/roommate) paid for to attend the International Convocation, July 30- Aug. 1, 2008. For international entries we will provide a $550 scholarship towards your trip.
All entries must be submitted by April 15th and winners will be announced April 18th 2008.
Please send your entries to:

CEC for Life
4614 Carnegie Ave.

Fairfield, AL 35064