Developing CEC For Life Europe — Fr. Terry Heads to Spain

Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! –Psalm 133

Dear brothers and sisters,

I am excited to announce that on September 10th, under the direction of Patriarch Craig Bates and Bishop Elmer Belmonte, CEC For Life is heading to Spain for nine full weeks dedicated to the development of CEC For Life Europe!

This very significant trip will be geared toward spending an extended period of time sharing the vision of CEC For Life among individual parishes, holding training seminars, youth events and prayer vigils, and bringing unity to the European pro-life community through strategy meetings with key leaders.

At the end of these nine weeks, our goal is to have our European brothers and sisters actively involved in the ministry of CEC For Life through completed training and scheduled pro-life outreach activities.  In fact, as we travel, I will be working with Bishop Belmonte to organize and promote an international event to take place in Brussels, Belgium, in 2015, at the European Union headquarters!

We will also spend a significant amount of time exploring the development of pro-life legal groups among the European continent, in order to help pro-life activists and advocates who find themselves defending life in the courts.

Also, Bishop Belmonte and I will be handling important follow-up on foundational work initiated earlier in the year for establishing a Stanton Healthcare Center in Madrid – a center that will be used as the primary model for other cities in Europe.

This is an exciting time for CEC For Life (though I know it will also be exhausting)!  I ask that over the next several weeks, you stand with me in prayer for God to abundantly bless every one of these endeavors.  That blessing, I believe, has already begun with God allowing my wife, Patti, to accompany me on this trip.  For that, I am already incredibly grateful.

headshot_3-2I am also grateful for the strong network of pro-life leaders and organizations we have right here in America.  Our ministry believes that God is opening the doors to establish that same sort of network among our European brothers and sisters, and positioning the CEC to act as a vital catalyst.

I look forward to returning with a full report of all the wonderful things God has established during this dedicated time among our European family.

In His mercy,

Fr. Terry Gensemer
Director of CEC For Life