Documents Show Botched Abortions Hurt Women More Frequently Than Believed

by Steven Ertelt Editor
August 17, 2010

Columbus, OH ( — A pro-life group released new documents today from a former abortion facility staffer showing two women injured medically by botched abortions in Columbus, Ohio in the last two months. The organization says it and other documents show women are injured more frequently than most people understand.

An abortion whistle blower provided documentation to Operation Rescue showing disturbing information about two botched abortions that took place at different abortion businesses in the Ohio state capital in the last month.

“It is our understanding from conversations with our confidential sources in Ohio that abortion patients in Columbus end up in the local emergency rooms with alarming frequency,” OR president Troy Newman told today.

“Our whistleblower says that these two incidents are just the tip of the iceberg. The true number of abortion complications is hidden from the public and it now appears that complications requiring emergency hospitalization have reached epidemic proportions,” said Newman.

The pro-life organization is demanding that the Medical Board of Ohio conduct inspections and close the dangerous abortion businesses in Columbus and around the state.

The information from Ohio is just the latest the group has obtained from former abortion facility staffers blowing the whistle on shoddy and potentially illegal medical practices at abortion centers.

Former employees of late-term abortion practitioner LeRoy Carhart submitted affidavits detailing illegal abortions, unlicensed staff dispensing drugs and performing medical tasks for which they were not qualified, and other offenses. This launched investigations by the Nebraska Attorney General and Health Department.

A whistleblower confirmed abortion abuses that have been occurring at Planned Parenthood of the Heartland in Iowa where dangerous abortion pills are being administered through a remote-controlled push-button scheme known as “telemed abortion.” A medical board investigation is ongoing.

Whistleblowers in California helped expose the fact that abortionist Andrew Rutland was violating the terms of his probation by doing abortions without the required supervision of another physician. He faces almost certain license revocation at a hearing scheduled for early next year.

Operation Rescue blew the whistle on illegal late-term abortion referrals provided by abortionist Ann Kristin Neuhaus in Kansas. Neuhaus now faces disciplinary action after Kansas authorities filed an 11-count petition against her based on OR’s complaint.

Two victims of forced abortions done by Michigan abortionist Alberto Hodari came forward to tell of their horrific ordeals. Both women filed medical board complaints and one has sued. Currently, all seven of Hodari’s Detroit area abortion centers are up for sale.

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