Fate of Derzis’ Alabama Clinic in the Hands of Insightful Judge

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Aug. 5, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — Pro-lifers in Alabama are very concerned over today’s hearing regarding a lawsuit from the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) levied against clinic owner Diane Derzis and abortionist Bruce Norman.

Though Derzis was made to surrender her abortion provider license in 2012, she and Norman have continued holding themselves out as an abortion clinic in the very same building, with Norman performing unlicensed abortions and Derzis deceptively managing the clinic’s staff and insurance through her Georgia abortion facility.

However, despite Derzis and Norman’s open disregard for any state law, ADPH reportedly struggled to create a solid case against the defendants in today’s hearing.

Dana Cody, Executive Director the Life Legal Defense Foundation, was present for the hearing and commented, “I was appalled by ADPH’s behavior at this hearing. They offered hardly any evidence, made no objections, and – to be honest – made no real attempt to defend the interests of the citizens they are meant to serve. If it wasn’t for Judge Boohaker asking some imperative questions himself and pushing to find the details needed to decide this case, I would say there was little hope. All we can do now is pray that this judge makes a good decision.”

Director of Charismatic Episcopal For Life Rev. Terry Gensemer also said, “It was incredibly disheartening to see ADPH’s attorneys acting almost bewildered while trying to present to the judge. Why were they so disorganized in such a clear-cut case? When Derzis surrendered her license in 2012, she and Norman agreed to stay out of any future abortion practices in the NWAW building. Now the same abortionist, with the exact same staff, is in Diane Derzis’ same building doing the exact same procedure. Nothing has changed. And, for the sake of women’s lives in Alabama, ADPH needs to get serious about recognizing that.”

Sarah Howell, a main organizer for the #ShutDerzisDown Tweetfest added, “Kermit Gosnell, who is now serving a life sentence, was only able to get away with his horrific abortion practice because state regulatory agencies stood down and let abortion clinics go unregulated. No one wants that in Alabama. I truly hope that Judge Boohaker will be as thorough in his decision as he was in the hearing today. We certainly can’t count on ADPH to keep women safe.”

Judge Boohaker’s decision is expected sometime Friday.