Feast Day of Our Lord the Giver of Life

January 16, 2011



Because O Lord you are the Creator and the Giver of life, we as your children eagerly anticipate the revealing of your crowning glory to the entire world.


Oh Great King of Kings, let your kingdom

come on earth as it is in heaven for

the sanctity of all human life. You have

said that your Kingdom is righteousness,

peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.Where

there is unrighteousness let righteousness

come to bear; where there is hostility,

cause your peace to reign supreme

and where there is sorrow, bring joy in

the hearts of people. Lead us into your

unshakable and everlasting kingdom in

which you reign forever and ever, that

truly the kingdoms of this world will become

the Kingdoms of our God; through

Jesus Christ our Lord.


Old Testament

Genesis 1:26-28a or Jeremiah 31:10-17


Psalm 2 or 10

New Testament

Romans 8:35-39 or 1Corinthians 15:19-26


Matthew 18:1-5 or John 14:1-6

Instructions for the Feast Day of Our Lord the Giver of Life

(please note that the instructions for this year are different. Each church is being asked to take up an offering this year, in addition to their annual church membership, instead of asking for lay people to become members).

  • Please read thoroughly the Letter to the Rector and prayerfully consider how to best communicate to your congregation the information concerning the Feast Day of Our Lord the Giver of Life and the Annual March for Life in Washington, DC.
  • Copy and reproduce the Donation forms and include in your Sunday Bulletin or Handout two weeks before the Feast Day or at least by January 9 (one week ahead).
  • On January 16, which we will also observe as the Sanctity of Life Sunday we ask for yourChurches and Clergy to make their annual commitment to CEC For Life, by including a check with their form or making a donation to the ministry. Each church is also asked totake up an offering for CEC For Life on this very significant Feast Day.
  • We also ask that you preach on the Sanctity of Life on Sunday January 16 and encourage your people to remain steadfast in building a Culture of Life.
  • Please place your donation checks that are made out to CEC For Life along with your annual church Membership check and send in an envelope to 1472 Tomahawk Road, Birmingham, AL 35214.
  • There are other documents included in this mailout which can be reproduced to help encourage your parish in this battle for the very soul of civilization.