Fellowship and The Good Fight

CEC For Life had a phenomenal time last week with all the youth that attended International Convocation in Orlando, FL. Not only were we able to fellowship and meet new people from the states and around the world, but CEC for Life also had the opportunity to hold a youth rally in the hotel and a prayer vigil at a local abortion clinic.

The youth rally took place on Thursday night after regular evening service. Speakers included Alan Melanson from Church of the Intercessor in Malverne, NY, Sarah Howell from Church of St. Peter in Wilmington, NC, and our new patriarch, Bishop Craig Bates. Bishop Bates came before our youth with encouragement and passion, reminding them that they are a chosen generation with the grace and ability to bring about change in the world around them.

The following day we put the patriarch’s words to the test by gathering in prayer outside of the EPOC abortion clinic. About 160 youth lined the sidewalks around the clinic, each with a strip of red “LIFE” tape placed over their mouths. At one point, Brazilian street team Benei Aor ministered with a dance called “Father of Life.” As the song played, the words “Let it rain” were sung out over and over. Suddenly, the hot sun disappeared behind the clouds and God’s grace covered us in a cool rain. We praised God and concluded with a liturgy for the pre-born.

For all those who attended these events, we thank you. For all those whose prayers and hard work made this happen, we thank you as well. We pray that the relationships formed and the seeds planted in our hearts this past week will come to grow in fullness and wonder, and that God will bring us all together again in His own good time.

Peace of the Lord,

CEC For Life