Floridians, Vote No on Amendment 4 in November

By Fr. Scott Looker

I am writing to you today to ensure that you are aware of the proposed Amendment 4 that will be on the ballot in November.  If this amendment receives 60% of the popular vote, it will become an amendment to the Florida Constitution.  Should that happen, this amendment will undo the last five decades of Pro-Life efforts in Florida and prevent any Pro-Life legislation for the foreseeable future.

This proposed amendment will do the following:

        * Eliminate any and all legislation and regulations regarding abortion, including Health Department regulations for the safety of the women.

        * Allow for abortions throughout all 9 months of pregnancy (superseding the legislated 6-week abortion ban which will go into effect tomorrow).

        * Allow ambiguous “health care providers,” not doctors or even nurses, to authorize abortions.

        * Eliminate all parental consent regulation for minors seeking abortions.  (They try to obscure this with parental “notification” language, but being notified about a procedure your daughter had is far different than requiring your consent before she has the procedure!)

This amendment would enshrine atrocity into the must fundamental document of Florida’s law.  You can find more information about this proposed amendment by visiting Too Extreme for Florida’s website [1]. Too Extreme for Florida is a consortium of Pro-Life organizations who are collaborating to ensure that what happened in Ohio does not happen here.  Florida is already the “abortion tourism” capital of the Southeast since we have the least restrictive abortion laws of any state in the region.  We must pray and take action to ensure that this proposition does not become part of our state’s Constitution.

Remembering that that Charismatic Episcopal Church was born in the jail cells of faithful men and women who were protesting abortion, let us remember the call on our lives and ministry and stand together against this abomination.

Thank you all and God bless you,

Fr. Scott Looker