Healing the Shockwaves: A Month for Siblings

During the month of April, Silent No More’s new campaign, “Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion” is focusing on the Surviving Siblings of Aborted Babies.  They have posted a variety of articles, testimonies, videos and blogs for both the surviving kids as well as the parents considering telling their children about a past abortion experience.

Healing resources are still limited as this is a new area of ministry, but the young people themselves have found community on Facebook and at this blog! (When Siblings visit the FB page, they are invited to join a private group, which is also monitored by Theresa Bonapartis who runs the only healing retreat specifically for Siblings.)

As Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion helps people connect the dots between pain, abortion, and relationship problems, more folks are acknowledging the impact and need for help. To ensure God is in the midst of the pain and healing, each month prayers are featured on the website.  CEC For Life and Silent No More invite you to join us in praying for those hurting.

A Letter from Fr. Terry Gensemer (Pastoral Director of Silent No More)

Dear Friends of Life,

One of the privileges of doing Pro-life work is being able to speak to and influence the next generation of Pro-lifers. After all, it is clear to see that leaders are rising up among these courageous young citizens and they are more than willing to carry the banner of the sanctity of human life. 

During the month of April, the Healing the Shockwaves of Abortion Initiative is focused on healing the siblings. The pain of siblings became very real to me in a situation I was involved with not very long ago. 

I received a call from a youth pastor in New York who said he had an urgent situation and asked if I could help. He had a young man in his youth group who had discovered that his mother had aborted his twin brothers. The youngster was devastated and felt very hopeless. He even talked of suicide, thinking maybe his life meant very little as he related to his siblings. Between myself and the youth pastor we were able to minister to this individual and get him in to proper counseling and help him with the healing of his relationship with his mother. Let us continue to keep the siblings of aborted children in our compassionate prayers.

God Bless,




Fr. Terry Gensemer
Director of CEC For Life