Holy Saturday 2008

Holy Saturday is one of the most reflective days of Holy Week if not of the entire Christian calendar. It is on Holy Saturday that we remember Jesus as his body lay in the tomb. We are also reminded in the Apostle’s Creed that He descended into Hell. It is almost impossible to imagine our Beloved Savior in the cold, damp dark confines of a grave or tomb, but that is precisely where he laid. He also experienced the ultimate evil presence of Hades. Throughout history, mankind has been confronted with evil in the form of murder, betrayal, abandonment, human massacres by evil despots and governmental leaders, and genocide of entire races of human beings. However the presence of evil is embodied in it’s fullness in the depths of hell where Jesus went on our behalf. So Holy Saturday is a perfect time to remember the Reborn children who find themselves in a place which was created to be a place of nourishment and protection for them yet has become a place of darkness, of fear and death. We know they experience fear and pain in the womb as the most precious of God’s creation and so we know that Jesus has well shown that He “has born their pain and carried their sorrows”. So there is no better time to honor these children than Holy Saturday. This has become a tradition for many CEC Churches and we have included some pictures of Holy Saturday 2008 as many people gathered to pray the Liturgy for the Reborn at the Time of Death. – Fr. Terry Gensemer

Also from Father John Bower of the Church of the Holy Comforter in Florida:

On Holy Saturday 36 people from several local parishes joined the Church of the Holy Comforter, Stuart Florida to stand for life and against the sin of abortion at a Peaceful Prayer Vigil and as we prayed and united with our pre-born brothers and sisters at the Planned Parenthood location in Stuart.-Fr. John (Poppajohn) Bower