How to Legalise Abortion with Lies, Bullying, Ignorance and Stealth

Absolutely excellent article from our friend, Dr. Eoghan De Faoite of Youth Defence in Ireland:

1. Get Planned Parenthood to take a dubious court case to Europe and pay for it with Irish taxes

This is what kicked it all off; ABC v Ireland at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). The court ruled in favour of ‘C’, a cancer patient who said she was unclear whether she could have an abortion in Ireland if her pregnancy affected her cancer and became life-threatening. Here are some little known facts about that case: C did not have cancer at the time of her abortion; she had completed therapy for a “rare form of cancer” and was in remission. She decided to have an abortion because she was unsure if and how the pregnancy would affect her on the off-chance that her cancer relapses. She said she was unsure because her GP could not provide her with sufficient information on her condition.

Not surprising, this is not a General Practitioners area. No evidence was offered as to whether she sought advice from a gynae-oncologist who specializes in cancer in pregnancy and who would have been able to give her all the info she required for her hypothetical scenario. In fact this case heard no medical evidence whatsoever.  (1) A vague case with a questionable story that heard no medical evidence and was fought by an American Planned Parenthood lawyer. Wait, an American interfering with Irish abortion laws? I thought that wasn’t allowed? Well it happened. And she was paid with your taxes.

2. Confuse everyone about the results of the ECHR ruling. Or just lie to them. Whatever works.

The judges in the ECHR ruled that Ireland should clarify whether, and under which circumstances, an abortion may be performed to save the life of a pregnant woman. CLAR-IF-Y. They said that this clarification can be done by a “legislative or regulatory regime”. Legislation OR regulation.  Or do nothing. The ECHR ruling could be ignored altogether if we so wished. Many rulings have been ignored by other Governments. But our Government don’t want you to know that…KEEP READING.