Insights from Our Summer Intern: “We Can Be Heroes”

My name is Christian McGrew, I am from Jacksonville, Florida, and I had the privilege to intern with CEC For Life in Birmingham this summer.

In my application essay I expressed my desire to learn more about how I could help the pro-life movement, an issue I feel strongly towards. We live in a world where mothers dismember their children. This is more barbaric than any past era and I, with all other believers, feel a call to fight for the victims of the most horrific dehumanization in the world’s history.

This internship equipped me with tools I need to fight for the unborn children, and their right to life. This internship has also made me more aware of the horror of abortion. Not only the jaw dropping statistics, but also the disgusting and disrespectful procedure in which they murder the unborn and, sometimes, the already born.

A full day of training for Sidewalk Advocacy!

This experience has trained me to know how to reach women in need and reverse their deceived minds. No matter how many abortion clinics you have, you will always have more pro-life women’s centers for the confused and scared women to utilize, mostly all for free. I have also learned that there are many risks for a woman when she chooses death for her child, including a significantly higher risk for breast cancer. I have also had the opportunity to learn several unstoppable techniques that prove that life is sacred and that all life should be treated equal.

This internship has taught me so much about the issue of abortion as a whole, and the wonderful groups that fight it. I had the privilege of meeting a plethora of important figures in the pro-life community. I have realized that if we all stand together then the sin of abortion cannot stand, and will not stand. If God is with us, we cannot lose.

In addition to the wonderful weapons this internship has given me, I also had a chance to do several extracurricular activities. We went hiking, visited several landmarks, went to a baseball game and to the movies – including a screening of the pro-life film The Order of Rights. We even hung out with the cast and crew.

Screening for “The Order of Rights” in Dublin, Georgia.

I would like to thank Fr. Terry and Patti Gensemer, and Sarah Howell, for giving me this awesome opportunity. They are outstanding people who fight day after day for the right of the unborn life, despite the sinful world who persecutes them. When you are standing outside of an abortion “clinic” and see women leave because of God’s voice speaking to them through the pro-lifers, you know there is hope. Even if it takes years to criminalize abortion, we can still reach the hearts of the mothers on the sidewalk, and save children from a planned murder.

I have always been pro-life, but this opportunity has made me see the importance of standing up to fight. This experience enlightened me on how dark the abortion industry is, from targeting Blacks and Hispanics, to flushing children down the toilet. 

This internship was an amazing experience and I would recommend any young person, like myself, to learn how to fight and stop the murder of innocent children from the best. If we stand together, we can be the generation who ends this sickening and repulsive act of dehumanization.

We can be heroes of this very visible war against a very present darkness.

VIDEO: Following their time with us, interns are asked to give a short presentation at their home church. Below is a video of Christian’s presentation at Church of the Messiah in Jacksonville, Florida.