Israeli Unborn Baby Victimized by Abortion, Put in Freezer, Comes Back to Life

Nahariya, Israel ( — An unborn child who became a victim of abortion in Israel reportedly came back to life hours later despite spending five hours in a freezer following the abortion. The incident points to the humanity of a baby before birth and the frequent cases of botched abortions.

Following the abortion, the father of the child asked to see the baby girl. After officials pulled her body from a cooler at the Western Galilee Hospital where the abortion was done, they discovered she was still alive.

“I’ve been a doctor for 35 years and this is the first time I’ve ever seen such a thing happen. This is somewhat of a medical miracle,” Dr. Moshe Daniel, deputy chief of staff at the hospital, told the Jerusalem Post.

The incident could prompt both an internal hospital and external governmental investigation into the failed abortion.

“We’ve informed the Health Ministry and I guess they’ll appoint a commission of inquiry. The hospital will ask for an external investigation of the case,” Daniel said.

According to the newspaper, the mother of the baby was 26 weeks into the pregnancy at the time of the late-term abortion. A medical test showed she was supposedly experiencing internal bleeding and doctors indicated the baby showed no signs of life.

The baby reportedly had no pulse at the time of the abortion and weighed 610 grams. Physicians pronounced her dead and she was taken to a medical cooler.

After they retrieved her body, officials saw her start to breathe and she was rushed to intensive care.

Daniel told the Post he didn’t think the infant girl would survive.

“Because of just how premature she is, her chances are very slim,” he said. “Then again, she already saw divine intervention once so you never know. We’re doing everything we can for her.”

That stands in contrast to what doctors and nurses at a Chicago-area hospital did eight years ago that prompted Illinois legislators, and Congress, to vote for a bill to protect newborns who survive failed abortions.

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has come under fire for opposing it.