JULY 2014: A Special Invite from the Patriarch

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

In 1993, the Charismatic Episcopal Church held its first Convocation in Kansas City.  I was at that event.  At the time, the CEC had four Bishops and maybe fifty priests and deacons.  There were perhaps 200 people total at the Convocation.  In a short period of time, just twenty-two years, there are now 59 Bishops, thousands of priests and deacons, and churches in 26 countries.  And, the Lord God keeps adding to our numbers.

We are returning to our roots first and foremost to give glory to God for what He has done.  We are returning to our roots to re-establish the call upon the Charismatic Episcopal Church to baptize the nations and make disciples.

North America is in spiritual crisis.  The very Christian foundations of Western Civilization are under attack.  Traditional family is eroding.  The number of children born out of wedlock is increasing.  In some places, particularly urban areas, over 70% of children live in fatherless homes.  Single mothers are the poorest people in North America.  More couples are living together outside of marriage than those in traditional marriages.  Divorce rates continue to be high.  And, now, state after sate is legalizing homosexual marriage.  Christian values and morals are ridiculed in the media.  And, we continue to allow abortion (thousands a day) and euthanasia, and our government spends billions of dollars to promote abortion in developing nations.

So, we are gathering again in Kansas City – the heartland of America – July 16th-18th, to once again establish our commitment to preach the Gospel of life and to worship our God within the three historic streams of the Church.  Some of the greatest Christian cultural warriors will be speaking to us.  Fr. Frank Pavone, Fr. Terry Gensemer, Troy Newman, Bryan Kemper, and Star Parker will be with us.  We will gather every evening for dynamic worship and preaching.  There will be special programs geared to children.  And, a Young Adult track where we will empower and release a new generation of activists for Jesus.

It is also a time for family.  We will have lots of opportunity to relax and build relationships with other Christians.  And, though Kansas City is not a “hot” tourist destination, we plan on making this a phenomenal way to spend time with each other and our families.  It will be a great vacation.

Mark the dates and join us in Kansas City.

Under His Mercy,

Bishop Craig Bates
Patriarch of the ICCEC