June 19th & 20th in Selma: #blackwomenmatter

An invite from CEC For Life and Catherine Davis of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition…

All across America , abortionists have established a pattern of injuring and sometimes killing women in their abortion centers, many times in violation of a number of state civil and criminal laws. Remember Kermit Gosnell’s House of Horror? The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania knew of his violations long before he killed Karnamaya Mongar in 2009. They knew back in 2000 when he butchered Semika Shaw who later died as a result of his handiwork. They knew he was in violation of the regulations from the very day he opened his doors.

Samuel Lett, an abortionist in Selma is a another glaring example of a state ignoring the violations of its laws and regulations. Under section 420-5-1-.01 (e) of Alabama regulations, an abortion center is defined as one that does 10 or more abortions a month. Through documented phone calls, it has been established that Lett accepted appointments for more than ten abortions in a month. The regulations further requires abortion centers to apply for and obtain a regular license. Lett has no license, hence he is illegal. Alabama, however, claims they were “unable to establish that [Lett’s] facility performed a number of abortions that would require it to be licensed as an abortion or reproductive health center.”

Most of the women injured in these abortion centers that ignore the laws are Black and brown. More Black women are going into these centers alive and fertile and many come out infertile due to substandard medical practices. Some do not come out alive.

You are invited and as many as you will bring with you, to join me, Star Parker, Dr. Ashley Harrell, Alveda King, DeHavilland Ford, Charmaine Yoest and a host of others in Selma on Juneteenth, June 19, 2015 for a rally and a march across the Pettus Bridge on June 20th. Black women are being butchered and maimed in these substandard abortion clinics and the states are allowing it to happen right under our noses. Join us in saying no more! Join us in declaring #blackwomenmatter.

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