Longtime Abortionist Louis Payne Surrenders License; Will Never Seek Reinstatement

Dr. Louis Payne, longtime abortionist at The West Alabama Women’s Center in Tuscaloosa surrendered his medical license last month.  More than that, he signed an agreement to never seek reinstatement in the state of Alabama.

In early May — the same week that WAWC switched from original owner Gloria Gray to abortion activist and new owner Amanda Reyes — a patient was observed leaving the clinic in clear distress, barely able to walk on her own.  It was discovered that she died shortly after.

Dr. Louis Payne was the only physician seen at the facility on the day this woman tragically lost her life, and citizens wasted little time submitting a complaint to the Board of Medical Examiners detailing the incident.  It seems the surrender of his license is directly related to the investigation that was initiated by this complaint.  

Dr. Payne agreeing to never seek reinstatement is especially key, as Dr. Payne has always been the fall back plan when the clinic found itself unable to find an abortionist in the past. Now, new owner Amanda Reyes no longer has that option, which could be even more problematic for her since the abortionist she hired to replace Payne was suspended by the Board just weeks after the hire. 

In early August, Amanda Reyes announced Dr. Leah Torres as the clinic’s new medical director. Torres is an abortionist well known for losing her medical position in Utah after posting disturbing and unprofessional posts on social media.  Recognizing Torres’ disconcerting reputation, citizens again made their concerns known to the Board of Medical Examiners, which had given Torres a temporary medical license set to expire this month.  

Before August was ended, the Board suspended Torres’ temporary license, pending a hearing in late December.  The Board ordered Torres to cease and desist immediately, citing unprofessional conduct and fraudulent information provided by Torres on her initial application.

Currently, citizens present on the clinic sidewalk to offer prayer and counseling have no idea who is doing abortions at WAWC.  However, they have documented seeing Torres at the clinic almost daily since the suspension and WAWC has not stopped offering abortions. It is unclear if Torres is attempting to practice medicine without a license.

One thing is very clear, however: new owner Reyes continues to have difficulty securing a competent physician at WAWC, and certainly seems to keep finding herself on the wrong side of the Board of Medical Examiners.  

We encourage everyone to join us in praying that God continues to bring all that is hidden into the light at this clinic, that the lives of the preborn may be preserved and mothers and fathers protected from the ever dangerous abortion industry.