March 16: Pro-Life Legislative Day in Montgomery

prolifedayThis Thursday is Pro-life Legislative Day in the Alabama House. FOUR important pro-life bills will be on the calendar, and they need your support!

This may be the most important day of the entire session.  We need to show the House that we respect their willingness to move pro-life bills. All pro-life citizens are encouraged to come to Montgomery and grab a seat in the Alabama House gallery.

The bigger the pro-life presence in the statehouse, the better. Let’s remind every representative that Alabama is pro-life.
WHAT: Alabama Pro-Life Legislative Day
WHEN: Thursday, March 16th
WHERE: State House, 11 S Union St, Montgomery AL 36130
The day is likely to be long, so just come and stay as long as you can. Even if you only have an hour, your presence will make a difference.

General Schedule for Thursday, March 16th, 2017

  • 8:00 AM – State House Doors Open
  • 9:00 AM – House will mostly likely* go into session.
  • 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM (roughly) – House will most likely* begin debating and passing pro-life bills. This is a good time to be present.
*The House has not announced the exact time that they will go into session (it is usually 9:00 on Thursday) and they normally go through resolutions and announcements before getting to calendar bills.
Room 610 will be used as Pro-Life Legislative Day headquarters. Tables on the 6th floor will have information, handouts, etc. There will also be folks ready to help you walk the halls distributing handouts, leave notes for legislators, listen in in the gallery, and hopefully find and talk to your representative and senator.

Your directions are simple:

1. Show up and bring a van full if you can!
2. Bring quarters to park around the Statehouse, around the Capitol building, or up and down Dexter Avenue.
3. Walk into the State House (11 S. Union Street), you will see elevators directly in front of you. Come to the 6th floor and we’ll help you from there. Note: they do have metal detectors but, it’s not a huge ordeal. Strollers are allowed.

Bills Being Debated Thursday on the Floor:

  • HB98 – a Constitutional Amendment declaring that Alabama supports the rights of unborn children and does not protect the right to an abortion or require funding of abortion (by Representative Matt Fridy).
  • HB96/SB198 – establishes a ban on physician-assisted suicide (by Representative Mack Butler and Senator Phil Williams).
  • HB95/SB185 – would declare it unlawful for any person to discriminate against health care providers for declining to participate in a health care service that violates their conscience (by Representative Arnold Mooney and Senator Paul Sanford).
  • HB24/SB145 – Alabama Child Placing Inclusion Act, would protect the religious liberty of faith-based child placing agencies (by Representative Rich Wingo and Senator Bill Hightower.)
These bills and the fact that we have a day set aside for them is amazing; we need to be as encouraging and supportive as possible for these representatives who face a barrage of opposition by way of phone calls and emails.

Again, our presence Thursday will be a huge encouragement to them to keep pushing for the complete eradication of abortion and the protection of human life in the State of Alabama.

You can also join the social media campaign!

The official hashtag for the 2017 Pro-Life Legislative Day is #prolifeAL. Starting at 8 AM Thursday, we encourage you to take to social media and support pro-life legislation all day long!

Remember to be positive with your posts as they will be a reflection of this campaign. Even if others are ugly, stay friendly in your responses. The goal is to get #prolifeAL trending to gain media attention for Pro-Life Day.

You can also use #alpolitics in your posts to help grab the eye of  our AL media. Here are some sample posts to get you started…

For sponsors and co-sponsors of the pro-life bills make a post like this:

Thanks for defending life in Alabama! #prolifeAL #RepFridy #alpolitics

For general posts, try something like this:

Protect all life in all stages. #prolifeAL #alpolitics 

(Tip: Tag House members you want to influence with this post!)