monday, monday

As many of you guys know, I lived in Virginia for awhile as a full-time missionary for Stand True Ministries. About three months in, I was hanging around the mission house one evening when Bryan came upstairs from the office with the phone in his hand. He said, “Sarah, there’s a girl on the phone. Her name is Jennifer. I need you to talk to her. She’s definitely crying, she’s definitely pregnant…She’s thinking about having an abortion.”

Without hesitation I grabbed the phone, ducked into an office and closed the door. I didn’t know what I was going to say. I didn’t know if I was going to help save a baby’s life. I only knew that I was going to say Hello, and that when I did, Jennifer was probably going to say Hello back. God would have to take it from there.

He did too. Like the faithful Father that He is, God not only allowed me to speak with Jennifer that night, but the next night too. A couple of days later, we had lunch. And a few weeks after that we had lunch again. Months went by and things got busy, but Jennifer always kept me updated on how she and the baby were doing. Finally, in September, I received a text message from her. It was a photo of her holding her new baby boy, Aiden Jeremiah. God is so good.

So, I tell you all that to tell you this: Last weekend I got a call from Jennifer to let me know that she and Aiden would be in Jacksonville, NC. I didn’t know it at the time, but Jennifer and Aiden’s father, Josh, actually got married last year. He’s a marine, which is why he’s in North Carolina and she is in Virginia, and he’s about to be deployed. Jennifer came so he could spend time with her and the baby. So Monday morning I hopped in the car and drove with my mom to Jacksonville to (1) hug Jennifer’s neck, and (2) to meet Aiden and tell him how glad I am to know him. There was also some pretty good Mexican food involved. And a camera:

Introducing, Aiden Jeremiah. Born September 7, 2007. Ridiculously good looking.

He has a really great smile too. And a really great mom.

On the drive home I couldn’t stop smiling. To see Aiden’s beautiful little face, to see his mother holding him and laughing, to know that God allowed me to play any role at all in the life of this child–It fired up my heart in a big way. It reminded me that God really is a God of miracles, and that abortion really can be stopped. Things like that are important to remember.

Peace of the Lord,


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