MOVERS & SHAKERS WANTED: Join CEC For Life & Ryan Bomberger in DC!

Every January, at the annual All Life Is Sacred Rally in DC, CEC For Life strives to bring you dynamic worship and powerful leaders who truly help shape and propel the pro-life movement.  Our past speakers, for both the Rally and our annual Liturgy in front of the Supreme Court, have included:

  • Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life
  • Star Parker, C.U.R.E.
  • Dr. John Bruchalski, Former Abortionist
  • Brandi Swindell, Stanton Healthcare
  • Dr. Seán Ó Domhnaill, The Life Institute
  • Bryan Kemper, Stand True Ministries
  • Georgette Forney, Silent No More
  • Troy Newman, Operation Rescue
  • Bernie Smyth, Precious Life
  • Dr. Eoghan DeFaoite, Youth Defence Ireland
  • Patriarch Craig Bates, Charismatic Episcopal Church
  • Fr. Carl Lynn, Restoration Academy
  •  Rev. Rob Schenck, Faith & Action

These amazing men and women are powerhouses in the fight for Life.  We ask them to speak at our Rally, not just because they know what they’re doing, but, because they also know how to inspire YOU to do it with them!  We want a Rally that gets you pumped but, more than that, we want a rally that imparts the knowledge and passion needed to help you continue building a culture of Life.

THIS YEAR, we have really outdone ourselves in that effort.  This year we have invited a young man that is on fire for God, for family, and for the defenseless preborn!

Through cutting-edge media and endless creative talent, Ryan Bomberger of The Radiance Foundation has dedicated his life to showing America the beauty of letting our children live, both through choosing to parent and choosing adoption.

In a recent speech at the National Press Club in DC, Ryan stated, “Throughout human history, life has been rescued, elevated and celebrated by acts of inexplicable courage and compassion. It is this continuing cycle of our humanity that extols others above ourselves. This is what defines the prolife movement. It is rooted in the foundational belief that human dignity isn’t for the privileged and the planned, but for all.”

Human dignity is for all, because all life is sacred Join Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation, CEC For Life, Live Action, Survivors, and Silent No More for the 2013 All Life Is Sacred Rally, Thursday, January 24th, in Washington, DC!

Ryan’s story and enthusiasm for Life will change your outlook on the pro-life movement, stirring up a new passion and fresh vigor to soldier on in the fight!

Don’t miss this compelling night of

worship & encouragement!

You can also look forward to hearing from Kate Bryan, Communications Director of Live Action!  Live Action’s investigative campaigns and undercover sting operations have become one of the key components in our fight to expose the rampant evil of the abortion industry, especially that of Planned Parenthood.

Kate worked previously with the Irish pro-life organization, Youth Defence, but has recently returned to the States to apply her international experience to the fight at home!

And speaking of Ireland…In addition to the dynamic Ryan Bomberger of The Radiance Foundation and Kate Bryan of Live Action, CEC For Life also welcomes Dr. Seán Ó Domhnaill of Ireland’s Life  Institute & Bernie Smyth of Northern Ireland’s Precious Life!  Recently, Ireland has come under relentless attack from pro-abortion groups and governments attempting to force abortion into Ireland.  Dr. Domhnaill and Bernie are on the frontlines of this battle, and they are traveling all the way to America to tell us about it!

The All Life Is Sacred Rally 2013
Thursday, January 24th @ 7 PM.
We’ll see you in DC!