North American Convo Recap: Gideon’s Army

Recently, right around 300 people from our communion gathered in the city of Olathe, Kansas, for three days of pro-life teaching, training and activism.  We heard from an incredible variety of national pro-life leaders, including Fr. Frank Pavone, Janet Morana, Troy Newman, Ryan Bomberger, Bryan Kemper and Kristina Garza, plus our national pro-life leaders within the CEC: Patriarch Craig Bates, Fr. Terry Gensemer, and Star Parker.

A vast sea of experience came with these leaders, and the 300 or so people who traveled short and great distances to partake of their wisdom left with renewed inspiration and a warrior mindset to accomplish what the Lord has always called upon the CEC to do – to give dignity and protection to all life, especially the preborn.

Patriarch Bates said it best on the very first evening.  “You know,” he said, “I kept asking how many people have signed up, and every time they’d say ‘oh about three hundred.’  Well that’s a significant number.  That’s a warrior number. That’s Gideon’s army.  So, we’ve got warrior leaders and Gideon’s army sitting here, so I think God’s got something to say.”

Not only did God have something to say, but He had something to do.  On Friday morning of the Convocation, about 200 attendees gathered outside of a local Planned Parenthood to pray not only for the closing of that clinic, but for the closing of all abortion facilities in this nation.  We spent time in specific prayer for the nation, worshipped through song, and then stood in silence with red “Life” tape over our mouths as a sign of solidarity with the voiceless preborn.  We stood as the incarnational presence of Christ, offering up our petition to end abortion to the Lord. And the Lord (as He is faithful to do) responded!

The day before this prayer vigil, Troy Newman of Operation Rescue spoke on the importance of closing down abortion clinics.  He explained that when clinics close thousands of children are saved.  In that same talk, Newman also mentioned that Aid for Women, a local abortion clinic, needed to close its doors.  Closing this clinic was part of the prayers we offered up that following morning in front of Planned Parenthood.  One week later, on July 26, Operation Rescue released some incredible news: Aid for Women has closed its doors for good, and both the Medical Director and the Physician have retired!

That’s what happens when Gideon’s army steps forth and shines the light of Christ in the midst of the darkness.  Every portion of this Convocation, from the speakers to gathering together for Eucharist to watching our own children make a special presentation on personhood, expanded the light of Christ in our own hearts and renewed the pro-life vision of the CEC.  May God receive all the glory, and may we, His beacons, shine forth in this nation and around the world!


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