Official Statement Regarding the Leaked Draft from SCOTUS

No matter the encouragement we might feel at the possibility of the Supreme Court finally overturning Roe and Casey — handing abortion back to the states and opening the door for thousands upon thousands of preborn children to be protected — CEC For Life recognizes a leaked draft is not a final decision.

Now is the time to double our prayer efforts, especially for the Supreme Court Justices who will undoubtedly face immense pressure after such a staggering turn of events regarding the Dobbs vs Jackson case. We pray for their resolve, their safety, and their families.Our constant hope and prayer is that Roe will, in fact, be overturned, and we await the final decision to celebrate.

In the meantime, our organization and hundreds of others in this nation will continue reaching out to women in difficult pregnancies, exposing the devastation and deception the abortion industry thrives on, and working to build a culture of life in this nation where every child, from the moment of conception, is valued, acknowledged, and protected.Dismantling Roe will only hand abortion back to the states, it will not criminalize abortion on a federal level or establish personhood for the preborn children who are dehumainzed daily that abortion might persist.

There is still much work to do, and CEC For Life is committed to standing with our preborn brothers and sisters until their humanity and personhood is fully restored in this nation. Overturning Roe will be a huge step in that direction. We continue to pray, to wait, and to stand.