Official Statement Regarding the Leaked Draft from SCOTUS

No matter the encouragement we might feel at the possibility of the Supreme Court finally overturning Roe and Casey — handing abortion back to the states and opening the door for thousands upon thousands of preborn children to be protected — CEC For Life recognizes a leaked draft is not a final decision. Now is … Read more

April is Abortion Recovery Awareness Month

Did you know April is #AbortionRecoveryAwareness Month? By the age of 45, nearly one in four women in America will have an abortion. Worldwide, there are 125,000 abortions per day. With these statistics, it is very likely you know at least one person affected by abortion, if not multiple people. You may even be the … Read more

PRESS RELEASE: Patient Info and Medical Waste from Tuscaloosa Abortion Clinic Ends Up in Birmingham, Coalition Calls on State Officials to Investigate HIPAA Violations

West Alabama’s Women’s Center in Tuscaloosa seems dedicated to endangering patients.  Last week, a coalition of national pro-life organizations, including CEC For Life, Life Legal Defense Foundation and Operation Rescue, sent newfound evidence of shocking HIPAA and medical waste violations to state officials: Lt. Governor Ainsworth, Attorney General Marshall and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management … Read more

HIPAA Violations and Another Dangerous Abortionist — When Will State Officials Finally Shut Down West Alabama Women’s Center?

Yet another alarming discovery was made last week regarding the West Alabama Women’s Center in Tuscaloosa — the highest performing abortion clinic in Alabama.  Recently, Fr. Terry Gensemer and his wife Patti came home to find large black garbage bags left anonymously in their driveway. When opened, their hearts broke. They found surgical pads soiled … Read more

Saturday @ 10:45 AM: In a Year Where Roe vs Wade Could Be Overturned, Birmingham Citizens are Gathering For a City-Wide Prayer Vigil & Witness for Life

On Saturday, January 15, at 10:45 AM — as the nation waits to see if the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade — the Birmingham March for Life, United for Life and Charismatic Episcopal Church for Life will gather leaders and citizens from across the city for a one-hour Prayer Vigil & Witness for Life in … Read more

Jan 8th @ 10 AM: Citizens and National Pro-Life Organizations Call on the Alabama Department of Public Health to Shut Down Tuscaloosa Abortion Clinic Immediately

TUSCALOOSA, Ala., Jan. 4, 2022 /Christian Newswire/ — On Saturday, January 8th at 10:00 AM, the Alabama-based organization CEC For Life, along with other national pro-life groups Life Legal Defense Foundation and Operation Rescue, will hold a press conference in front of Tuscaloosa’s West Alabama Women’s Center, located at 535 Jack Warner Parkway. The same abortion … Read more

December 18th: A Pro-Life Christmas Carol for Birmingham

On Saturday, December 18th @ 10:30 AM, the Birmingham pro-life community is once again invited to gather outside of Planned Parenthood for our annual caroling event. The songs of Christmas bring a special kind of hope to people throughout the season. Our presence on the sidewalk brings that same hope, and God’s glorious light, to … Read more

Another woman maimed and nearly killed at West Alabama Women’s Center — How will ADPH respond?

In light of the unnerving details found within a recently filed lawsuit against West Alabama Women’s Center (WAWC) in Tuscaloosa, CEC For Life is calling for the Alabama Department of Public Health to take immediate action and finally protect the lives of Alabama citizens from this dangerous clinic. Jane Stone, a pseudonym for the woman filing … Read more

MFL 2022: Pray Hard, Stand Fast, & March ON

In recent weeks, two Supreme Court cases have made a historic challenge to Roe v. Wade. This January, CEC For Life is heading to the Capital to pray hard, stand fast, and MARCH ON! Will you join us? Earlier this week, the Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments for two crucial cases — one from Texas … Read more