PR: Young Pro-Life Activists Refuse to Let President Trump Forget His Promise

WASHINGTON, Jan. 23, 2017 /Christian Newswire/ — Friday, January 27, at 9:30 AM young activists from across the nation led by Fr. Terry Gensemer of CEC For Life, Star Parker of Urbancure and Rev. Pat Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition will hold President Donald Trump accountable for his repeated promise to defund Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion chain.

WHAT: Annual DC Memorial Die-In
WHEN: Friday, January 27th at 9:30 AM
WHERE: The White House*

During this 2017 DC Memorial Die-In, a hundred young people will peacefully demonstrate their stance against abortion and federal abortion funding by “dying” on the ground directly in front of the White House.

They will lie on the ground in a fetal position, covering themselves in red cloth, while others hold signs reading, “They are lying down in a fetal position, identifying themselves with the preborn….”

Die InFr. Terry Gensemer, Director of CEC For Life, says, “The purpose of this outreach is to communicate through a striking visual to spectators, including the President, and to allow the participants to identify with their defenseless preborn brothers and sisters in a really tangible way. Young people have told us again and again that this event is one of the most encouraging and impacting activities they participate in during the March For Life.”

Star Parker of Urbancure adds, “An older generation of voters isn’t the only one expecting Trump to keep his promise about defunding Planned Parenthood. Every year, these young people are traveling from all over the country to show their heart and their hope for our nation. This generation is overwhelmingly pro-life, their numbers are growing, and they’re ready to see this administration cease the funding of abortion today, right now.”

Speakers for the event include: Fr. Terry Gensemer of CEC For Life, Star Parker of Urbancure, Pilar Vasquez of Latinos Por La Vida, Rev. Pat Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition and Rev. Derek McCoy of Urbancure.

Other national pro-life organizations have also sponsored the Die-In, including: The Radiance Foundation, Latinos Por La Vida, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, Issues4Life Foundation, Stanton Healthcare, Created Equal, Operation Rescue, and Pro-Life Action Ministries.

Twenty-year-old Sarah Jimenez, Communications Director of Created Equal, plans to participate in the Die-In. She adds, “So many people my age want to see a change but can’t figure out how to make it. This is how. By sacrificing our own dignity for the sake of another’s. Breaking windows and burning trash cans will never bring unity. Prayerfully lying down in solidarity with my preborn brothers and sisters just might. We hope President Trump sees this demonstration and remembers his promises.”

*This event takes place directly in front of the White House. However, due to the recent inauguration, the location may change slightly. The exact location will be confirmed later this week.