Prayer Revival Breaks Out at Troubled Birmingham Abortion Clinic – Please Act Now

At troubled Birmingham abortion clinic on April 21, 2012, Pro-lifers reflecting the entire Body of Christ cried out to God for the closing of the killing center. Evangelicals, Catholics, Pentecostals, Latino and Liturgical worshippers united in prayer to Almighty God on the streets of Birmingham. Is this what revival looks like? I think so! Some prayed in silence, some prayed the Liturgy for the Preborn, some prayed the Rosary, some prayed in the Spirit, some sang in spanish, others sang hymns and God heard the prayers on behalf of the women and children whose lives are in danger at this horror house.

As many of you know, the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) announced on Good Friday that the New Woman All Women abortion clinic will surrender its license on May 18th, 2012. It was unexpected and exciting news for that day — a miracle from God for Easter weekend — and we have been thanking God ever since! The fight, however, is not over, Birmingham.

We received news last week that an applicant has submitted their form for a new license to take over the clinic. If approved by ADPH, the New Woman All Women clinic WILL remain open. DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Each of us know that the unlawful practices going on inside this clinic will not stop with a new owner. More importantly, a clinic that has repeatedly disobeyed public health laws and shown no regard for the lives of their patients should NOT be given a “second chance” with a new owner. ADPH should deny the new license application, shut the doors of this clinic, and save the lives of women across the state of Alabama.

We are asking that EVERYONE call the Department of Public Health and voice your concern about this clinic. Be polite, indicate where you are from, and ask that they do everything in their power to permanently close this dangerous clinic.

Here are the people you need to contact. Call one of them or all of them, but PLEASE CALL.

Dr. Donald E. Williamson, State Health Officer
Phone: (334) 206-5200 (switchboard — they will transfer you to his office — this could take up to 2 mins)
Alt Email: