Press Conference a Success!

CEC For Life would like to thank everyone from the Birmingham pro-life community for showing their support this morning at the 10 AM press conference outside of Planned Parenthood!

Fr. Terry Gensemer and Sue Turner of Alabama Physicians for Life detailed the story of Ms. Roberta Clark this morning for all four of Birmingham’s news stations — a great turnout for any press conference.

Ms. Clark recently filed suit against Planned Parenthood of Birmingham for failing to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy in her left fallopian tube, and then performing an abortion on her empty uterus.  Documents also show that Ms. Clark’s tissue sample — sent in the same day as her procedure — tested negative for fetal tissue, meaning Planned Parenthood and the abortionist were fully aware that they had performed an unsuccessful abortion, but they chose not to alert Ms. Clark, which nearly cost the woman her life when the tube ruptured 25 days later.

At the time of Ms. Clark’s procedure, August 2010, Planned Parenthood was under a year-long probation resulting from a Live Action sting that exposed their unlawful practice of ignoring statutory rape and providing abortions for minors.

Life Legal Defense Foundation has submitted a Freedom of Information request to discover why the Alabama Department of Public Health seems to have missed Roberta Clark’s botched abortion during a time that they should have been closely monitoring this facility.  They have also filed a formal complaint against Planned Parenthood, which they fully expect ADPH to respond to with a thorough investigation.

We ask that you continue to pray that God uncovers the evil deeds of the abortion industry in Birmingham, and that He mercifully closes the doors for good of the last abortion clinic in our city.

We have listed the press release, lawsuit, and LLDF letter below, along with other important documents surrounding the hopeful closure of this Planned Parenthood facility.  Be sure to let us know if you see any news coverage tonight or tomorrow, and thank you all again for showing such tremendous support this morning!

Press Release (Sept 19, 2012) – Call for Immediate Closure

Civil Lawsuit – Ms. Roberta Clark vs. Planned Parenthood

ADPH 2010 Deficiency Report Against Planned Parenthood

Formal Complaint against Planned Parenthood of Birmingham – LLDF

Freedom of Information Request – LLDF