Press Conference on June 13th: Megachurch Pastors and Other Local Pro-Life Pastors Challenge Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Agenda in Birmingham

Contact: Fr. Terry Gensemer, Metro Birmingham Life Forum, 205.253.0159

On Thursday, June 13th, at 11:30 AM, an interdenominational group of local pro-life pastors and clergy will hold a press conference concerning Planned Parenthood Southeast’s attempt to strengthen its waning influence in Birmingham by building a brand new abortion center.  The press conference will take place at the construction site for Planned Parenthood’s new building, located at 1019 1st Ave N.

Specific pastors who will address the media on Thursday include:

  • Dr. Harry Reeder, Briarwood Presbyterian Church
  • Bishop Jim Lowe, Guiding Light Church
  • Dr. Chris Peters, Cross Creek Church PCA
  • Fr. Michael Novotny, Christ the King Anglican
  • Bishop Demetrics Roscoe, Living Church Ministries
  • Pastor Zanthia Turner, Bread of Life World Outreach Ministries
  • Fr. Terry Gensemer, Charismatic Episcopal Church for Life
  • Fr. Josh Altonji, St. Stephen the Martyr
  • Scott Dawson, Evangelist
  • Pastor Sam Bryant, Vestavia Primitive Baptist

Dr. Chris Peters, pastor of Cross Creek Church, states, “In light of all that the Word of God tells us about the image of God marked upon each one of us, from time of conception, we welcome any to our city who genuinely seek the well-being of women and their babies, including unborn children, but oppose any organization seeking to take the lives of our ‘unborn neighbors’ or harming the mental and spiritual well-being of women by advocating for abortion.”

Dr. Harry Reeder of Briarwood adds, “While the sanctity of life calls us to care for any and all in crisis pregnancies and to welcome intentionally and compassionately each life born into this world, there is nothing more crucial than to end the destructive charade propagated and implemented by Planned Parenthood Clinics that the death of the child in the womb is the answer to an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy.”

This group was created in response to the new Planned Parenthood abortion center, which pro-life citizens haven been campaigning against for over a year.

Leadership is represented from a whole spectrum of denominations, including Anglican, Catholic, Baptist, Charismatic Episcopalian, Presbyterian and Non-Denominational. A full list of pastors and churches in support of this press conference can be found at the end of this release.

Several leaders from the Black community will also speak at the press conference, addressing the fact that Planned Parenthood continues to target women of color, aborting Black babies in alarming numbers.

Pastor Zanthia Turner of Bread of Life World Outreach Ministries declares, “As an African American woman, I am concerned that if we as a Black community and community leaders allow this abortion center to be built, we will not only bring shame to our culture but also send a mixed message about whose life matters.  If all lives matter, why not the All?  We stand as one voice to break the silence and defeat the lie that we don’t care about our children, communities and families. Planned Parenthood, we will no longer accept your lies. We Matter!”

Fr. Terry Gensemer, a Birmingham pastor of 30 years, adds, “Every abortion clinic that has ever existed in Birmingham has failed – including Planned Parenthood, which hasn’t done abortions in nearly two years.  But our pregnancy centers continue to thrive, offering compassion, resources, and legitimate medical care, all at no cost to the woman.  The church has been a huge part of that progress, and as pastors we are called to uphold that which is good.  Planned Parenthood is not welcome, and has no place in our city.”

Other pastors who will attend or are in support of this campaign include: Fr. Gerry McDermott, Christ the King Anglican; Pastor Joshua Winslett, Beulah Primitive Baptist Church; Fr. Mark Finley & Fr. Bill Xenos, Church of the Reconciler; Pastor David Haynes, First Baptist Church of Center Point; Pastor Justin Wallick, Christ Church Branch Cove; Pastor Josh Coker, Vestavia Primitive Baptist; Pastor Paul Hughes, Birmingham Prayer Furnace; Al Baker, Evangelist PCA; Dr. Jim Maples, Pleasant Grove Presbyterian Church; Pastor Phil Chambers, Christ Community Church; Pastor Jeff Lowman, Evangel Church, PCA; Rev. Rick Hutchinson, Christ Community Church Springville, PCA.

Other pastors are expected to sign on and attend.